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Bikini Body Mommy is an amazing support system to get our workout on trackThe perfect follow up after my fitness confession is to showcase someone who really does inspire me in the fitness world. She has put together an amazing community of women who are very supportive of each other and really motivated to workout, change their lives for the better and see each other succeed. This weeks Inspired Wednesday Pick is Bikini Body Mommy.

Bikini Body Mommy has done it, she has had 3 kids and like many moms experienced the weight gain and then it just stays… She took that weight gain and created a challenge for herself, to lose the post-partum pounds in record time. Not only did she do it but she documented the whole process and is sharing it with you in her 90 Day Challenge program which is a daily email right to your inbox with today’s workout. The challenge doesn’t end there though, she has videos showing the workout, a very lively Facebook page, the success stories she shares really makes you feel like it is entirely achievable. The whole community is one you want to be a part of and the works outs are killer but I can finish them in less than 20 minutes.

I’ve listed several reasons above why Bikini Body Mommy is today’s pick but my real main big reason for selecting her is because you feel like it’s achievable, you feel included, motivated to keep up and be a part of the community. There is so much sell sell sell on the web and I really feel like the Bikini Body Mommy cares about her community. She offers so much for free without pushing you to buy buy buy. She does have a store where you can buy her success journal (yes I have this), her book and cookbook and other cool stuff, but there is no pressure. I can tell you that after you try her challenge and you realize that she really does care you want to buy from her because she is trusted, she shows proven results and your supporting a wonderful community. She is my Inspired Wednesday Pick because she has created such a wonderful thing that deserves to be shared, supported and loved.

Bikini Body Mommy is an amazing support system to get our workout on track

Sign up for your Bikini Body Mommy Challenge and you won’t regret it!!

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