May’s Happiness Challenge

May Happiness Challenge is to be a good wife! Take the time to appreciate my husband, leave him notes and plan date nightsWell May is almost upon us and it’s time to take on a new challenge and reflect on how you did on the last one. Last month I focused more on style and fashion and I think I did pretty good at that. I was pretty lucky that I was able to go to Phoenix in March so I did a mass of shopping which helped a lot with my style challenge. Plus the weather shaped up so I was able to wear more warmer clothes and a lot of my newer clothing.

Working Out – This is the month before but I don’t think I really shared the results. So once I confessed my fall back in the workout department I became really motivated to recommit myself to this category even with the month being dedicated to style. I am so happy to say that it is had such a positive result for me. I have been feeling very accomplished, ready to take on the day and happy with myself for making the commitment to focus on working out each morning. I have also benefited by having my body tone up a bit and my clothing fit better than before. One positive thing that I wasn’t expecting was for me to get happiness from my physical and cardio strength to be increased. When I started I could barely finish a minute of burpees or hold a plank for 1 minute. Now I can happily say that I am seeing results and can do both easily. It’s a small win but really nice to see some development. For anyone who wants to try adding workouts to their challenge I strongly recommend Bikini Body Mommy. She has a 90 day challenge starting May 4th where you get free daily emails with todays workouts. What I love about it is A. you can see the results but B. and most important for me the workouts are fast and easy! Starting they were just under 20 minutes. Now they are under 10, more intense but still how can you complain about working out in 10 minutes. For all you workout buffs it’s probably not enough but for someone who never worked out it is a huge step in the right direction. I can make time for 10 minutes and I have.

Style – I work from home so I don’t really have them many opportunities to dress up. My daily activities consist of waking up, doing breakfast and then driving my kids to whatever activities they have that day, school, swimming or dance. So getting dressed up, and I am talking casual dressed up with no yoga pants felt a little over dressed. At first I felt a little out of place, wearing fancy necklaces to pick up my daughter from school, or dressing up to drop her off at dance class and wait with other moms for the class to end. But the way I look at that is, I really enjoy being able to get dressed up in a day, to feel a little more fancy (again I want to emphasize casual fancy compared to yoga pants). I want my fancy feeling to become more of a norm and be less of dressing up fancy. What I loved the most about this challenge it is got my out of my mom life and a little bit back into my old life where fashion was life. I’m just having fun with it and it is bringing me happiness. Minor happiness but a lot of fun that is really just for me. The overall result was positive and I will definitely be keeping it up.


May Happiness ChallengeNow for the fun part… naming this months challenge. This month I want to focus on being a good wife. Below is the copy from my Happiness Challenge. If you haven’t read it yet please do and then decide if you want to follow me creating your own challenge.

Good Wife
– Appreciate – Take the time to appreciate how lucky I am. I know I am so just remember that every day.
– Make Time For The Husband – Seems easy, but with a swimming head sometimes I get distracted. Take some time to snuggle, watch a movie and listen.
– Dates – Actually go out on a date! Or make a date night in. Either way just Date!
– Random Loves For No Reason – I used to leave little notes all over the place, send cute little messages all the time and just go out of my way to make him feel special. Time for that again

It’s not that I consider myself a bad wife, I just used to do so much more with my husband and really appreciate him so much more. Life gets really busy and its easy to take your marriage and partner for granted. I never want my marriage to end up struggling and potentially end up in a disaster. I want it to flourish and thrive and to ensure that happens you have to take care of it. My challenge this month is to make sure that I do just that.

What will your challenge this month be?

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