Garden Of Life

I love and adore when gardening season begins! It’s my chance to get out in the fresh air, enjoy the weather, enjoy nature and create. Watching my flowers bloom, grow and surprise me each and every day. Always needing a little attention but also giving so much reward, pride and beauty back.

The garden of our lives can create the most inspired moments #quote #abeautifulinspiration

The action itself of creating a garden is a wonderful experience. Now flip the coin and look at it from the gardens perspective. Yes the garden perspective… You can create all you want but you never really have full control of the outcome. Sometimes your favourite flower that did amazing last year refuses to create those beautiful vines and flowers this year. Instead your filler flowers take charge and use the space to really flourish.

Take a hint from your garden just because plans don’t go exactly as you created them to be doesn’t mean that beauty, positive energy and life cannot prosper possible even better than you could have ever imagined. Don’t take the lack of flowers where you wanted them to be as a failure but instead as an opening for new flowers to come in and surprise you with an even more magnificent beauty.

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