The Working Stay At Home Mom

family photoToday instead of featuring a business that I love I really wanted to focus on moms and specifically stay at home working moms. It’s not an easy task to work from home and also be a full time mom. It’s a constant tug a war with your kids, your work, your energy and keeping balance is nearly impossible.

There are so many articles out there about how to keep balance in your life¬†and believe me I have tried many strategies. I long for a structured day where I wake up, do breakfast and just work. The accomplishment I feel in that is like no other, which is probably why I do work from home. On the other hand if I had a structured day every day filled with work I would miss out on the luxury I have of being able to work from home. Yes I work late when the kids are sleeping which can definitely wear me down but the benefit is I get to sleep in (8:00am is a sleep in for us over here) and then snuggle my little ones in the morning. I get to drop off and pick up my little kindergardener. I’m the first to hear her stories about how her day went. I get to experience all their new findings, the craziness, new words, tears, big and small joys and challenges.¬†There are so many rewards that come with working from home and being able to spend more time with you kids that I wouldn’t change it for the world. Even on days when I have breakdowns because I can’t do it all, I’m hopelessly behind and wondering why I do it to myself. Usually on those days I get big hugs, kisses and lots of love which reminds me why I love that I am so lucky to be able to spend so many hours of my day with them.

So today’s post is for the working stay at home mom. A kudos to you and all that you do. Your kids may make you crazy, make you smile, laugh and even want to hide in a bathroom for just 1 minute of silence. No matter how you feel through out the day, or how much you get done, you are so lucky to be able to spend your days close to them. To watch them grow up, to be the first to see so many firsts, to enjoy homemade afternoon lunch dates, and hear the constant screaming that may go in your house as it does mine.

Working from home is crazy, frustrating, difficult and a constant struggle for sanity but it is so worth it when you look at everything you get as a reward for doing so. Give your little one a hug today and remember to be thankful, grateful and appreciate all that you have.


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