Am I Crazy?

Your friendship is a special gift, generously given, happily accepted, deeply appreciated. #friendship #quote #inspireI have to say that I feel truly and honestly blessed to have the most wonderful friend. I consider myself to be slightly crazy when it comes to all my projects, businesses and activities. I have painted, created jewellery, done sales, wedding and event planning, worked in construction and even to this day I am always looking for new fun things to try. New great ideas of things I want to tackle. When you write it like that it sounds pretty fabulous but in reality sometimes I wonder how other people see me… I am the forever creative who floats from idea to idea based on a whim of what makes me happy.

So today I sent my friend a really long message sharing all the details of my feelings but really just asking

“Am I crazy?”

I have been toying with the idea of trying something new that I thought would be a new fun adventure. It may go no where or it may be something I really enjoy for years. I really don’t see anything wrong with that. BUT sometimes I wonder if I am looked upon as the crazy creative with her ever changing endeavours.

I know after lots of self reflection that I don’t see myself the way that others do. I personally love all the things I have done, but I feel a little like I haven’t settled because I haven’t found my one true business/creative love. I’m not really sure it exists for me. When I have talked with my friend and my great supporter my mom I know that they see me differently than I see myself. I feel slightly like a floater but they see me as someone who is talented enough to be pretty good at most things I try. I don’t want to toot my own horn because like I said I don’t really see myself this way I’m just sharing what I have been told. This is something that everyone should really consider when they are doing their own self reflection.

With all my crazy adventures, hobbies, jobs, companies, activities whatever you want to call it I am very blessed to have friends who hold no judgement and will give me an honest answer and not laugh at me for asking “Am I Crazy?”. It is so important to surround yourself with amazing inspiring people who want to lift you up, see you succeed and be there to congratulate you when you do. They make you realize that you aren’t that crazy, that you are just enjoying life, trying new things and willing to take the risk. When you are lucky enough to find that friend make sure to appreciate how wonderful they are and be there to lift them up, watch them succeed and be on the sidelines cheering them the whole way.

To my friend that I asked “Am I Crazy?” Thank you for being such a amazing friend. You are such an inspiration to me and I feel so incredibly blessed that you are in my life. Thank you!

Send your supportive friend a little thank you message today just to show that they are appreciated.


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