The Glass Is Half Full

the glass is always half full. Appreciate everything and every moment because it is always a blessing

Saturday we always have skating lessons. It’s a family affair. My husband and I always go. He’s the hockey player of the family so he’s always in charge of tying up the laces and getting them ready while I head off and find the name badges. This weekend my husband was gone on a trip and it was up to me to take the kids to skating. I never tie the laces tight enough, getting them there and doing it all without my husband was not a huge challenge but it was still something that wasn’t really in my realm of things I do. I get them off, they are skating for 30 minutes. My littlest who is 3 is doing pretty well, staying on his feet for most of the class. He’s just about to come off and my oldest has 15 more minutes. As I’m heading to scoop him up the fire alarm goes off. Parents begin to feel the slight panic of what is happening. Where are my kids going and how am I going to get them off. They file everyone off nicely. My littlest gets taken off first at our normal entrance and I scoop him up. My oldest gets taken to a different door. One that isn’t close to me so I have to go around. Not a big deal I find her on the other side. They still have their skates on as we are hearded down a hallway. At the exit I discover for some reason they have completely closed the main entrance with a metal door. Who closes an entrance with a metal door when their is a fire? That means we are now sent down another long hallway to the exit. When we finally get to the exit and outside the kids take their skates off, put on their boots and I put all the hockey equipment into the bag. This bag also happens to contain the entire family’s hockey skates and equipment… Not sure why my husband always brings those to every practice. They are heavy. Now that we are outside I realize we are on the complete opposite side of he building and we have to walk all the way around to get to our car.

I do not know if there was a real fire. When we did get to our car there were 4 fire trucks on site. This could have been a drill, this could have been the real thing. Either way I was exhausted from the walk, the kids were slightly panicked and it was a crazy adventure that of course had to happen when I was by myself without my husband.

Now you’ve read the whole story so you might want to guess where I am going with this. When I got home I posted a funny short story comment about the events that happened on Facebook. I received a response from someone I adore which made me really appreciate how truly lucky and blessed we are.

…. And the good news is, you spent time with your kids, didn’t die in a fire and got a good workout carrying a hockey bag that was overloaded by your loving husband!!! the glass is have full!!!

The glass is definitely half full. No matter what you go through in life, each moment is a blessing even if it is a blessing in disguise. Appreciate everything and every moment.
Have a wonderful monday.

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