Ups and downs

Life is going to throw you ups and downs , when your up celebrate and when your down keep you head held high because your up in on it's way #quote #inspire #behappy #happylife #celebratelife #motivateThere’s always going to be ups and downs in life but it’s how you handle them that count. 

On your ups always celebrate every accomplishment! Don’t brush over it like it’s just a stepping stone or be to busy to appreciate your success. I promise you will regret not taking the time to congratulate yourself on a hard earned success. 

On your downs, keep you head held high, continue to believe in yourself even when you are down. Don’t be afraid to tell your inner fears to take a seat (or to f$@* off like I do). Every risk is comes with fear which can hide itself as a down. Don’t let any stumbles take you down. You can achieve great things if you can push through your downs. 

And always remember that when you are down there will come a point when you have to go up. 

Dream big, push hard, celebrate big.

Have a wonderful Monday – Jen

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