I am "___"... Whatever you say next shapes your state... Are you happy? Successful? Tired? A Firecracker? Change your mindset and that shifts your path

I’ve been feeling a little stressed and anxious today… Something that has happened more through out the years as I come to terms with what is on my plate and what I can actually achieve. Today like many other days I am staring at a huge list of To Dos that is completely daunting and somewhat paralyzing. I know that it is all achievable in a day but it still makes me a little stressed and anxious thinking about it. This really is nothing new… but I do feel like fate has had a hand in how I have decided to handle it.

A week ago I was asked if I would like a copy of the book SZEN ZONE: Reaching a State of Positive Change in exchange I would share it with my readers… Now before you continue reading, if you are new you know that I DO NOT share anything on this blog that I do not love, would not wear, use or recommend. Seeing how this book fits in with my happiness section of my blog and I love reading about happiness, style, health and business building I thought it would be a perfect fit.

So in my moment of stress I decided to take a break and start reading my new book SZEN ZONE. I am only in the introduction and it already is calming me and refocusing me. Here is what I read and thought it was so important to share in hopes that it helps centre you and guide you to where you need to be in life.

What all of us are, is how we end this sentence: I am…”____”. If I could take some time to consider how often we sabotage our day or our thinking by finishing that sentence with a debilitating premise such as I am sick or tired or poor or alone etc. We could turn the moments of doubt and discomfort into something different, and better. To day to ourselves: I am strong, rich, powerful, healthy, alive and in love etc. are viable options too.

Creation takes place when we change the sentence. By listening to our inner voice within we can begin contemplating a grander presence and a new day and life. Filing in the blanks with a dream actually begins the process of bringing that dream to life. The pronouncement of I am “___” is whatever we want to be, or feel called to be; it is the key to change, which is where we find the seeds to create.

“I AM” triggers thoughts, actions and events that will confirm what we believe. We literally live up to our own declarations of self. Change the script and everything changes with it. It’s a simple notion, and it works.

In every seed of change is the power to create something new. To leave what was, close a door and move toward a new, better version of ourselves.

This is only the introduction! I changed my mindset from I am “Stressed, Tired, Worn Out” to I am “capable, happy, a good mom, successful, doing, creating, achieving”. Just that little change in mindset changed my outlook, that I am enough and I can. I’ll continue to update your my reading of the SZEN ZONE sharing with you any snippets that I loved. The book is comprised of a bunch of short stories each with their own way to inspire you, brighten your day and change your mindset so I know there will be plenty more short stories to share.

Hope you feel inspired, refreshed and ready to decide what I AM “____”
Have a beautifully inspired day!

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