A Post From A Serial Entrepreneur

Rules to live by from what feels like a serial entrepreneurSometimes I feel like I’m a serial entrepreneur. I am always coming up with these ideas about what I could do, what I want to try, and how to market it, package it up and sell it. I think my creative spirit can sometimes get the better of me. Could I be a serial entrepreneur? or am I someone who is searching for my true calling that makes me really happy?

I’ve tried so many things now that I am starting to wonder if my friends and family think I’m a little crazy for going all over the map with my life. I’ve been an graphic designer, worked in marketing, worked in sales, did mortgages, created jewellery, planned events and weddings and also worked in the construction industry. This is a huge mix of stuff that doesn’t have a whole lot to do with each other. That said each of those things have lead me to where I am and I can see how each of them have made me learn and become a better business person but at the same time I think when will my heart just settle on building and searching?
The great thing about being a serial entrepreneur is I have tried a lot of things and not found a spot that is just right which helps me try other things. On the other side I have gone back to a few things several times because they do really make me happy.

Going forward I have a plan

  • Rule # 1 – Don’t take on more than you can handle. In case of doubt, take on less. When something blows up it’s better to have the time to deal with it.
  • Rule #2 – Do what makes you happy
  • Rule #3 – Appreciate what you have
  • Rule #4 – Do away with what makes you miserable.
  • Rule #5 – Don’t be afraid to try new things and visit old loves.
  • Rule #6 – Don’t think about if people think your crazy… all that matters is that you are happy!
  • Rule #7 – BE YOU. Authentic and Fabulous YOU!

If you feel like me I would LOVE to hear from you and how you are dealing with your serial entrepreneur tendencies.


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