Be You!

JenMini (27)

As crazy as it sounds be you! 

In a world that is so full of judgement sometimes it’s easy to lose yourself in expectations. Expectations other out on you, ones you put on yourself and the ones you create in your head that you think others expect of you. 

Be you. 

I will admit that I am a real housewives junkie. I love the show… No apologizing because that is me! But the point of me bringing this up is because I adore Erica Gerardie / Erica Jane. 

If you don’t watch the show let me paint a picture… She is this uber gorgeous girl with some serious brains, married to a big time lawyer husband. She makes no apologies for being her. Her husband is 32 years older than her, they have been happily married for 17 years. She has beautiful blonde hair, amazing body, dresses gorgeous and always had fabulous shoes. The reason I say all this is because I am sure based just on looks and the age difference in her marriage she gets plenty of people judging her. Obviously I don’t know her but from what I have seen on the show she lays it all out and is very content with being herself and does not care what others say. Now add on top of this her alter ego Erica Jane which really is a beautiful, empowered, sexual, performer, singer dancer alter ego. She is amazing. She puts herself out there entirely… And now that she’s on the show for the world to see. For sure some people will criticize but then some people myself included find her amazing and inspiring. She is completely happy being herself. She has no apologies for who she is and she really is an inspiration. 

She isn’t what she should be. She is real, she is authentic and she is being herself. People will like it and people will not. But when you are yourself you will be a happier you. Nobody is entirely happy when they are working to be someone else. They are happy when they can be themselves and relax on the thought of what other people think. Your true friends will love you no matter what. And if they don’t then they really aren’t worth it are they.

Be yourself and be happy with you because you really are truly amazing and you never know who you are inspiring when you are yourself!

Have a beautifully inspired day!

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