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Blogging can be such a great business with lots of opportunities to grow, meet amazing people, make an income, share your knowledge and create amazing wonderful communities. It can also be incredibly overwhelming with all the blog platforms, apps, social media rules and tricks and on and on and on. So I thought I would create a series every monday sharing my Bold Bloggers Tips & Tricks! I’ve been blogging for a long time, taken plenty of courses, joined communities and now I feel like it’s time I pay it forward and share with you all that I have learned so you can enjoy the blogging ride and grow as I have.

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When you first start blogging you are told over and over that you need to narrow down you niche. Meaning if you plan on being a fashion blogger what do you want to blog about? Saying just Fashion is way to broad of a topic and you need to be more specific. You can narrow it down to work wear for the business professional, blog only about heels and how to wear them, focus on the mommy community, etc. etc. etc.

I know when I first started I had a hard time narrowing it down. I started with FASHION… then what? I loved fashion, I loved shoes, I loved getting dressed up and also feeling cute in casual outfits. How do you narrow down when you love it all?

But take my advice! you really do have to narrow it down. If you are too general with your topic then who are you going to market to? You can’t market to everyone because then you really will end up with no following at all.

The best thing you can do to help you narrow it down is to think about who you want to read your blog?

Make an avatar of the type of person you want, for example

  • Women aged 24-44
  • Has a good income but chooses to spend her money wisely when it comes to shopping purchases
  • Will spend money on investment pieces for her wardrobe
  • Enjoys a good sale.
  • Shops at RW&CO, Sephora, Aritzia, Boutiques, Dynamite, Abercrombie
  • Appreciates a great casual everyday style

There’s a couple bonuses to creating an avatar like this.
1. You know exactly who your target market is, what they like and what kind of clothing and styles to share. By knowing the information you can tailor your conversation, photos and blog posts to reflect that. You might want to talk about investing in a great pair of denim jeans and why, Share the amazing sale items you picked up for summer or how you can pair your  investment jeans with a affordable and on sale top!
2. Share with brands who your audience is and how working together will be beneficial for both parties. This can also help you pitch to brands because you know exactly what your audience wants to see.
3. Should you decide to do some advertising you can narrow down who you ad will appear in front of by using your avatar.

Knowing your market, audience & niche helps you create a community. The whole goal about blogging is to create a community that values your opinion and you value theirs. You know that you can always come to ABI to see cute affordable fashion that can bring you from day to night. That I highly value taking care of yourself first before you can properly take care of others. Going forward it will also be a hub for knowledge about blogging.

To help you find your niche I’ve created this FREE Know Your Niche & Rock Your Blog Guide!

Find Your Blog Niche with this Free Printable Guide to help you narrow down your niche!

Get ready Bold Bloggers because you are going to rock your business and grow your blog!
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