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Blogging had this glorified image of taking pretty pictures, posting them and the money will just start rolling in. I’m telling you it does not work like that. You will also not get 100,000 followers without working your butt of to create real relationships with people who love not only your style but you.

It takes a lot of hard work but the pay off and the people you meet along the way make it so worth the challenge. There are also things you can do to make it easier which I am going to talk about in the next few posts in my Set Yourself Up For Success Series.

It helps taking advice from people who have trudged through the paths themselves before you and are willing to share. It makes it so much easier to know what works and what doesn’t before wasting time and money figuring it out for yourself.

The reason I am sharing is because I did a lot of trial and error on my own. I wish I had someone helping me along the way giving me advice on what works and what doesn’t. I took many many courses to help me. Some helped while others  steered me clear of what I didn’t want to achieve.

I believe in community, women supporting women and building a blogging empire for us all to share and enjoy. Although we all work on our own blogs that doesn’t mean we can’t be supportive and work together to build blog awareness, brand partnership development and feel like we are part of something. All those things seem to be lacking the community aspect and there is no way they should. We are stronger together. 

Set yourself up for success blog series

So to start off this series Let’s talk about the all important Email List! I know what you are saying… UGH… It is something we all want to do but put it off over and over again! 

Here’s why it is important.

  • What happens if Instagram shuts down tomorrow?
  • What if Facebook has another algorithm change and makes it even harder for your audience to see your posts?
  • What if you have to pay to play on every social media platform?

You don’t own any of those platforms and they can do and change whatever they like whenever they like. They don’t care that you have built this amazing community of women who love your posts and always comment on them every time they see it. You are going to lose engagement, community, followers and control.

By creating an email list you are giving your readers a chance to choose to see you in their inbox on a regular basis. So no matter if your social media channels disappear you have created a community that waits for your emails, newsletters and blog posts. This is so so important! Those readers love you, trust you and like to hear what you have to say otherwise they wouldn’t have so generously handed over their email address to you.

So many bloggers create a popup to subscribe and call it a day. I’m telling you now that is not enough and very few to none are going to click that. You need to spend the time creating something of value your reader are going to want.

Create an email list quote

Your Steps:

  • Create an OPT IN idea.
    You might think this is hard but dig deep. What do your friends and family ask you about? For me I get asked a lot about blogging, instagram, promoting my blog posts on social media and pinterest. It got me to thinking that I do have a lot of knowledge in this area and I love sharing and helping others so it was the perfect opt in for me. For example with this post I am offering you
    A few Opt In ideas for you:
    – If your niche is shoes then you could offer “Top 10 Shoes of The Season”
    – For a mommy blogger your offer could be “Best Places to get Mommy & Me Looks ”
    – For a budget fashion blogger maybe “How to Thrift Shop Your Style”
    Do I have your mind buzzing with ideas yet? If you need help pop over to our Bold Bloggers Facebook Group where I will have a link discussing blogger opt in ideas… we are a awesome group of supportive babes so we will help you come up with some great ideas. Plus I’ll be in there to help too!!
  • Create Your Download
    I like to create mine in because they have great templates to choose from and drag and drop features.
  • Set It Up To Download.
    So MailChimp is a popular email list builder and the one that I currently use because they are free until you reach 2000 subscribers. So it’s the perfect place to start and build. Plus they have recently introduced free series campaigns which is great to continue to be able to offer your audience your resources, education and product.
  • Create A Follow Up
    Obviously they have already downloaded your opt in and took full advantage of what you were giving them. With Mailchimp it gives you the option to create an educational series… so take advantage of it!! Create something that builds upon your opt in idea.
  • Keep It Going!
    You have them on your email list which is fabulous but now you need to keep engaging with them. Hands up if you have created an email list and then didn’t have the time to send out a newsletter! My hands are way up! So take the time now while your working on it to set yourself up a template. This way when you are ready to send out your weekly emails you just have to pop it into the template and send away.
    It’s also important to make time to do this weekly so you don’t lose all the traction you just created with your opt in. The goal is to create a community that values you and your option and is excited for your email so always send valuable information out to your audience.


That’s it! The first part of our Set Yourself Up For Success Series!! Make sure to get your
HOW TO SET UP AN OPT IN WITH MAILCHIMP and if you haven’t joined our Facebook community make sure you do by clicking HERE

How To Set Up An Opt In With MailChimp

If you want more on Mailchimp leave a comment below! There are a lot of automated campaigns that you can create too!

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