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Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Jord Watch Giveaway & Gift Idea

Ok so I am super excited to share today’s post because it is honestly my husbands FAVOURITE gift that I can give to him. Last year I gave my hubby a Jord Wood Watch for Valentine’s Day┬áthat I had engraved with a sweet little message. It has been a watch that he never takes off […] Read more…

you are beautiful tunic

Hey Girl! You Are Beautiful!

Yes you! I am talking to you gorgeous! Stop beating yourself up so much and look in the mirror and realize just how amazing you are! Look at all you have accomplished in your lifetime already! Look at where you are headed! You are a strong woman leading by example, you are a mom, a […] Read more…

you are a badass book giveaway

GIVEAWAY! You Are A Badass!

Hey Inspired Beauties!! Just for fun I thought it would be great to do a Giveaway just because I love you guys! So enter to win my favourite book “You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero” which is such an inspiring book about being a badass and going after your dreams and life goals! Good […] Read more…

Loving this blush long bomber jacket

Dynamite Blush Bomber Jacket

I have been wanting a blush jacket for a while so when I found this blush long bomber jacket at Dynamite during my online “browsing” session it quickly turned into a must buy! I ordered it online, which to be honest I do a fair amount of. I do realize that when you purchase online […] Read more…

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