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Chiminea Makeover Before Pics! #DIY #chimineaI have been travelling to meet my parents in Arizona for years now and every year I am falling in love with the new decorative additions my mom has added to her place. She has very cool hanging etched wine glasses that house a small candle, solar lanterns, kokopelli’s that hang off pots and stand on the ground and my favourite the chiminea. A few years ago I bought a small version that I could fit in my suitcase to bring back as a small reminder of my visits to them.

Recently while browsing some sale ads I came across this chiminea and immediately jumped on it. I knew I could transform it into a larger version of my mini. Of course when you see a photo of it you can’t really tell the type of shape it actually is until you get it. This one had some sort of a painted on sponge technique that actually made it really really bumping and impossible to paint evenly… so… the long process of sanding off all the bumps and making it nice and smooth.

Chiminea Makeover Before Pics! #DIY #chimineaChiminea Makeover Before Pics! #DIY #chimineaOnce it was done I used my mini chiminea to help guide my drawing that I put onto the large chiminea. I knew I wanted a similar style but of course it couldn’t be exact since their shapes were not exact.

Once I had my design traced then I was able to start painting nice bright vibrant colours. I then used market to outline all the drawings similar to my mini version. When everything was dry I sprayed it with a protective sealant to ensure it was weather resistant since I planned to keep it on my deck.

Here is the results!! I seriously love it!

Chiminea Makeover After Pics! #DIY #chiminea

Chiminea Makeover Pics! #DIY #chiminea


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