Did You Lose Your Style When You Had Kids?

8 ways to get back you style after kidsI feel like this is almost a comical question… Your answer should be no of course not but in reality I totally did and I know a number of moms who would agree with me. I think it’s a little bit about exhaustion, a little bit to do with spending all your shopping time (limited at best) looking at those cute little kids shoes and outfits, the fact that things don’t fit the same so your scared to try anything on and you just don’t have time for you.

The last is probably the biggest reason but all those factors and probably many more contribute… Oh I missed a big one for those with little kids… Everything you own gets spit up on it. Yep that was for sure me!

So again I ask

Did you lose your style when you had kids?

Did you even realize you lost it? Did you care? And do you want it back?

I’m wondering if your like me, reading this thinking yeah that is me, how sad and funny is it that it’s true.

Do you remember being a fashionista before kids? I do.

I’ve made a goal to seriously work on my style. My style will never be where it used to be. I cannot just go shopping for hours, I think about where and how often I will actually wear everything I am going to buy and if I really need it. I actually seriously consider how practical something is in my everyday life. Comical is the best way to describe how I was before kids and how I am now. Not a bad comical just funny how things change.

Going forward I am going to follow these 8 guidelines, not rules because lets face it there will be yoga pant days so guidelines are a good.

  1. Organize your wardrobe so you can see what you have to wear – I know it’s a daunting task but think about how much easier it is going to be in the rush of the morning if you see all that you can choose from.
  2. Go Shopping – If your like me and your on a budget I recommend making a list of what you need for staples such as jeans, leggings, jacket and boots. Don’t go buy them all at once but if you have a list then when you are out and about and you see a good deal you can cross each item slowly off your list.
  3. Get Dressed – Obviously your going to get dressed but instead of immediately reaching for yoga pants, reach for your top first and then pair the pants that go with them. The top is always the determining factor of my style for the day so thats why I say grab that one first.
  4. Add Some Fun Jewellery – Wearing jewellery is the best way to dress up an outfit and the easiest way to add style to your look. Even if your wearing a sweatshirt or a t-shirt a chunky necklace looks seriously awesome and makes you feel awesome. If wearing jewellery is new to you or just something you haven’t done in a while it may feel weird. I felt a little overdressed for probably the first year of wearing them but I also felt good about it and myself. Plus i got lots of compliments on my jewellery and how put together I was so I do highly recommend this.
  5. Try New Hairstyles – This one makes me laugh a little bit because I happen to go into a slight panic mode every time I do a change to my hair… and I don’t change much just length and a slightly darker/lighter shade of blonde. This last time I went to the hair dresser I decided to be daring… daring for me… and I added pink streaks to the underside of my hair. It was really only noticeable if I curled my hair so the pink poked out but it felt great. Like I had done something edgy and fun. Something that I could choose to share or not.
  6. Do Something For Yourself – For me I have my nails done by the lovely MakeupandMeg. She does the most fabulous shellac nail polish that lasts 3 weeks and guess what! Wet wipes can’t take it off!! Plus it keeps my nails strong and healthy so it is a win win. PS when your driving your kids around everywhere you will see your pretty nails on the steering wheel and it will give you a little pick me up… Ok maybe I just do that but you will now too since I’ve said it.
  7. Mix Up Your Shoes – I have a staple pair of boots or sandals depending on the season but I like to get some fun special ones that I wear every once in a while for fun, a night out or just because.
  8. Appreciate How You Look – Ok you’ve put together the perfect outfit. How do you feel? A little like your old self? Maybe a new mummy self. Spend the day enjoying how cute you look, how good you feel and appreciate it.

Now go get organizing and have fun getting your style back!!

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