DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

Fun DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses you can create for your next party!I’m having a little ladies night cocktail party coming up and I thought it would be fun to create some DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses! This way guests can write their name on the wine glasses and easily find their own glass if they put it down.

I also just so happened to have 3 cases of wine glasses from an event labelled with Wyndham Estate on the bottom that was collecting dust in my garage. I never used them because of the logo so this was a great way to cover up the logo and be creative.

– Wine Glasses – 12 work good for a party size.
– Blue Painters Tape – I used the blue because it is better for glass and won’t allow the chalk to seep in.
– Chalkboard Paint
– Wax Paper
– Chalk


DIY_Chalkboard_wine_glassesWrap up all your wine glasses with the painters tape to the height that you want the chalk paint to go up to.

DIY Chalkboard wine glasses getting they stems dipped #DIY #Chalkboard #WineGlassesThen Dip! Bye bye Wyndham Estate Logo!

After dipping your DIY chalkboard wine glasses you want to let them dry

After you dip your stems you want to let them dry. I did this in two phases. The first was to just put them right onto the wax paper which allows all the excess paint to drip off and form a puddle at the bottom.

Once the paint has dried a little bit and no more is going to puddle then I switched the wine glasses to a new sheet of wax paper to dry fully. This made sure the puddle didn’t dry with my wine glasses stuck to the paper.

Once the chalk paint is dry I did the above steps one more time because the paint didn’t fully coat in some places. Once you have dipped them twice and let them dry peel off the painters tape and enjoy! Write your name on just for fun with the chalk!

The finished DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses are so much fun and are perfect for your next party! #DIY #Chalkboard #WineGlasses #Party Perfect wine glasses for your next cocktail party! DIY Chalkboard wine glasses #DIY #Party

Hope you enjoyed todays DIY and create your own!!


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