DIY Glitter Necklace

DIY Glitter Necklace! Such a cute idea and makes a great gift! #diy #glitternecklace #necklaceI was feeling a little crafty the other day and thought it would be fun to create a DIY Glitter Necklace for my little one and then a few extras for her to give to her friends. It would even be great to do for a kids party as favors or an activity for everyone to enjoy during the party. Either way it’s fun, easy and pretty affordable so enjoy!

What You Need:

DIY Glitter Necklace! Such a cute idea and makes a great gift! #diy #glitternecklace #necklace

Create it!

  • Fill the mini apothecary bottles with glitter. I actually took a piece of paper and created a cone shape with it to allow the glitter to easily flow right into the bottles.
  • Next step is to put the cork lid on the bottles and make sure to seal it with the super glue. This is an important step if you want to make sure you don’t end up with sparkles all over your floor.
  • Let it dry. Don’t tip it over or you might get your glitter to touch the glue on the lid and then stick up at the top instead of being shaken around the bottle.
  • Add the chain necklace and the fun charm you choose.
  • Done!

It’s a nice and easy craft and I can guarantee your little one will love it and wear it all the time. Plus it’s a fun best friends necklace kind of a craft.



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