DIY Halloween Round Up

DIY Halloween Ideas

Have you started prepping for Halloween as of yet? I’ve started thinking about a few projects I will be working on this week and thought it would be great to create a round up of some of my favourite DIY Halloween ideas. Enjoy!

School DIY Halloween Treat Bag! #halloween #diyDIY Halloween Treat Bag
This is seriously the cutest bag to fill with candies for your kids school. It even comes with a printable which makes things way easier. Just an FYI to print in the gold foil you need to have a machine that prints that, but she does supply a black and white version for you to print it, and if you really want the gold you can pen it in with gold marker.

DIY Halloween Jack-o-lanterns #halloween #diy

DIY Halloween Mason Jar Jack-O-Lanterns
I love this craft because it’s a great way to get the kids involved and have something they can show off that they made for halloween. I think this may have to be on our to do list.

DIY Halloween Flowers! #halloween #diy

DIY Halloween Flowers
These ones are too funny. You can so easily recreate this by going to michaels picking up a dark tower and some eyeballs which just so happen to be in the flower section right now. They also have a bunch of wormy looking plants that you could add too.

DIY Halloween Skull Picture #diy #halloween DIY Halloween Skull String Art
Such a great way to bring the spirit of Halloween into your home in a modern way. This looks awesome and I bet my sister would love this in her home after it was created. She likes skulls. The full tutorial is also available!

DIY Halloween Floating Witch Hats #DIY #Halloween

DIY Halloween Floating Witch Hats
Such an awesome and easy idea! I might have to do this for our house! Unfortunately our overhand isn’t over the front door but it would still be cool to do it wherever you can! Click the link for the full tutorial!

DIY Halloween Directional Signage #halloween #diy

DIY Halloween Directional Signage
I love signs like this! It would look so good at the bottom of the driveway and would be even more fun if you had worked with your neighbours to create destinations to add.

DIY Halloween Front Entrance Decor #halloween

DIY Halloween Front Entrance Decor
Ok how fabulous is this front entrance!! There are so many DIY elements in this that I couldn’t resist sharing! Love the feather wreath! That would be really easy to make too, just find a black boa (probably find it at the dollar store) It might be cool to add some giant goggly eyes too. The lanterns with the black spider web candles inside are pretty awesome too! I have silver lanterns that would work perfect for this!

Hope you’ve been inspired for your halloween decor!

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