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DIY Terrarium Tutorial! I absolutely love these terrariums and how great they look in my house. #DIY #Terrarium #tutorialOne of my favourite projects this year has been my DIY Terrarium. It turned out really good and it continues to allow me to enjoy and appreciate it every time I see it. Plus it changes all the time. I am always shocked at how well some of my plants are growing in it, how the water trickles all the way through all the layers and just how great it looks on my mantel.

They also make really great gifts so I created 2 for myself and 2 to give away so if your thinking about making your own DIY terrarium then plan to make a few extra because people LOVE getting these and they will always have a wonderful reminder of who took the time to create it for them. So today’s post I am sharing with you how you can make your own!

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What You Will Need:

What you will need for your DIY Terrarium Project! Click over to see the tutorial! #DIY #Terrarium


How To Create it:DIY Terrarium Tutorial - Step 1. fill the bottom of the vase with river rocks. Step 2. Add the charcoal #DIY #Terrarium

Start by filling up the bottom of your vase with river rocks. I filled high enough that they would peek through the charcoal and dirt that gets put on top. Next add the charcoal, this is an important element in a terrarium because it helps remove toxins and odours. You can still make a terrarium without the charcoal but you need to pay a little more attention to ensure the plants stay healthy and not smelling weird.

DIY Terrarium Tutorial - Add soil on top of your river rocks and charcoal. #DIY #Terrarium

The next step is to add the soil on top. You want it deep enough that the plants have plenty of room for roots to grow. I also picked a soil that didn’t have any white rock like balls called perlite. It’s more of a aesthetics type of a thing since I didn’t want any distractions in the look of the terrarium.


Time for the plants!! I talked to someone at the greenhouse about which plants would work best for my vase and also which plants I could buy as mini’s or some that were bigger but could be pulled apart. I also was able to pick a variety of different kids and spread them out between the vases to create more dimension and interest.

DIY Terrarium Tutorial - Adding the fun decorative elements like the flower stepping stones and mushrooms #DIY #Terrarium

This was probably my most fun part of the project, picking my decorative elements like these cute stepping stones and mini mushrooms. There are so many options like I had shown above.

DIY Terrarium Tutorial! I absolutely love these terrariums and how great they look in my house. #DIY #Terrarium #tutorial DIY Terrarium Tutorial! I absolutely love these terrariums and how great they look in my house. #DIY #Terrarium #tutorialTHE FINISHED PRODUCT! How great do these look! Although I created them all to be slightly similar they are really different. Some have shades of green and the textures are different and a few I added in a few pink plants just for fun and because pink is my favourite colour.

If you have any questions please ask away and have a great time creating your own DIY Terrarium!


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