DIY Valentines Shirts!

DIY Valentines Shirt - Creating custom shirts for the whole family!

I had so much fun creating these DIY Valentines Shirts for my family this past weekend! They turned out super cute and I am so excited for everyone to get theirs on Valentines day. It is taking all my strength to not give them the shirts early so I can just get a photo of us all in our cute shirts!

If you want to create your own diy valentines shirts they are pretty easy and didn’t take that long to make. So have fun and make sure to share your finished work on Facebook with me so I can see!


  • A shirt or tank top – white works best since it’s most vibrant as you can see
  • Freezer paper, this can be found at your grocery store next to the wax paper.
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting mat (optional)
  • Fabric Spray Paint (mine is from michaels and the exact one linked)
  • Iron
  • I used two different printables measured to fit my shirts.
    Huges & Kisses XOXO was found on World Labels and was designed by Falala Designs
    Love was found on A Night Owl


DIY Valentines Shirt Tutorial

Measure your shirts and determine how big your printable needs to be to look right on the shirt. You may have to shrink or blow up the printable to be the right size.

Lay out your freezer paper on top of your cutting mat (this way you won’t cut your table) and then tap your printable on top of the brown paper. Just loosely so it can’t move but can be easily removed once your done cutting.

Using your exacto knife start cutting out the letters.

DIY Valentines Shirt Tutorial

When all your letters are cut out you should have the printable cut out of your brown paper. Depending on the words you choose you may end up with parts being taken out entirely. For example on mine the loop of the l, o, v & e needed to be added back in. I wrote with pen on the top part of the freezer paper what letter it was so I wouldn’t be confused or accidentally¬†toss it.

DIY Valentines Shirt TutorialTake your shirts and lay them out on an ironing board. Lay the cut out freezer paper where you want it to show on your shirt and then iron on the paper to the shirt. When you do this it makes the freezer paper stick to your shirt so when you spray the fabric paint only goes where you spray it.

Next put something underneath the shirt so that if any fabric paint leaks through the shirt it doesn’t wreck anything underneath.

Pick your colour and begin spraying the cut out parts of the freezer paper.

The fabric spray says to let it dry for 4 hours. You can let it dry until it is dry to the touch before you spray again. This pink actually went on really light so I had to spray it a few times. Make sure it is entirely dry before you add another coat otherwise it will cause the fabric to bleed even with the freezer paper. After the last time you spray then wait the 4 hours before removing the freezer paper.

There you go! You have just created a super cute custom valentines day shirt

DIY Love Shirt - super cute custom designed shirts!


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