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Love the Fairmont Palliser Hotel Calgary for kids!

Every year we do a family vacation to Banff for a week and always on the way we stop in Calgary for a couple of nights before we continue on. It’s part of our family Christmas tradition and something that I am really excited to be able to share with you.

Although we always do this at Christmas time it would be such a wonderful trip for your family to do year round as it’s always beautiful.

To start our trip we stayed at the Fairmont Palliser in Calgary, this was our second year staying with them in Calgary and we just love this hotel. It’s something very special when the hotel gets excited to see your kids and works to make them feel special. Plus having a giant gingerbread house in the lobby always makes it so fun! Check out the room made of waffles!

Fairmont Palliser giant Gingerbread house! Fairmont Palliser giant Gingerbread house! The roof was made of waffles!

Our first year at the Palliser the kids were asked if they wanted to create their own room keys, which of course they really wanted to. They were able to go behind the desk and swipe their own cards which just made it so personal.

The kids have also been to the Jasper Park Lodge Fairmont and knew that at that fairmont they were able to open a treasure chest and pick out some goodies to enjoy. So of course they were asking if this fairmont had a treasure chest as well. Unfortunately they did not, but the Fairmont Palliser wanted to make this special for the kids and somehow rounded up a selection of toys, cookies, milk and colouring that were delivered to our room that night just for them. What hotels go above and beyond like that?

Fairmont Palliser Lobby Calgary

So this trip was our second year visiting the Fairmont Palliser and the kids were very excited to return. We of course are too because if you know Fairmont hotels, you know that they are such a treat, so beautiful with amazing architecture, wonderful employees that love their job, great food and unique rooms.

The Fairmont Palliser did not disappoint, our room was beautiful, 2 double beds with a large area that was great for the kids to play, a nice sitting area where I loved to sit and my favourite part a Christmas tree! Our own private Christmas tree just for us to enjoy, which by the way NEVER got turned off! We slept with it on just to create the experience of holidays, family and vacation.

Fairmont Palliser Calgary had our own personal christmas tree in our room! Kids loved their beds at the Fairmont Palliser Hotel Calgary

This trip the whole family got to experience a Fairmont Tea Party! Not going to lie, I might have been the most excited for this, even being a huge coffee over tea lover that I am. We’ve never experience a real tea party before so we didn’t really know what to experience but I have to say from start to finish it was amazing!

Such a great family experience to have a tea party at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary

The dress code said Smart Casual which I believe for a family we did quite well, but just a few tables over there were a bunch of girls all dressed up wearing white gloves. I’m adding this in here because I think it would be such an afternoon experience with the girls to have a little fun.

Such a great family experience to have a tea party at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary Such a great family experience to have a tea party at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary Fairmont Palliser Tea Party was such a hit!

To start the tea party we were shown all the tea selections, explained what each of them were and able to smell them from the giant tea box. There were 2 that were recommended for kids which was one thing we were wondering about. Our own personal teas were brought out along with two 3 tiered trays of sandwiches, finger foods and desserts. One tray for the kids and the other for Jon and I. The kids tray were customized to have kid friendly sandwiches, chocolate chip scones and the desserts that included lego men chocolates, ice cream cones and cupcakes. Jon & I were just in awe of how good our tray of food was and the selection of finger foods, deserts and scones.

Yum!! These 3 tier finger foods at the Fairmont Palliser Tea Party are delicious! Yum!! These 3 tier finger foods at the Fairmont Palliser Tea Party are delicious!

Our tea party was such an experience that the kids and my husband will never forget. We are thinking we might need to add this to our family tradition because it was so nice enjoy the ambiance, the tea, the desserts and each other.

Tea Party at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary Tea party with my girl at the Fairmont Palliser Calgary

My hope is by sharing the family experiences we have you will create your own family traditions like visiting the Palliser Hotel for an afternoon tea!

I want to know what your favourite family vacation is so please write it in the comments! 
xo Jen

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