Fall Style Wish List

Fall Fashion Wish List - Love these items for fall!

As much as I love summer and summer style I really do love fall clothing too. It’s not too cold yet, no need for bulky jackets, you can wear open toe shoes, fun scarves and tank tops with blazers or jean jackets… It’s just beautiful and there are no confines of a winter coat!

I’ve decided to try something a little different with my style… Every month I’m going to create a wish list inspired by some beautiful photos and bloggers… With those style posts I am going to give myself a budget of $100/month… Eeeek that sounds so tiny… but in reality I never shop for myself and usually binge shop so this would just spread it out and force me to stretch it as far as I possibly can. Some items obviously you cannot get cheap or the quality just isn’t there so some months will be investment months and others will be deals… I guess we will never know until I create my wish list and then go off and find some of the items or styles.

Above is my September Wish List Inspiration:
Inspiration from Top Left To Right – Dress Cori Lynn, Pinterest, OHM Boutique, A Southern Drawl
Bottom Left To Right – Instagram @nicholeciotti, Southern Curls & Pearls, Gal Meets Glam, KB Styled

Here are a few items that fit my wish list!!

Leather_Jacket black peplum topbootie

Leather Jacket – Leather Jackets are so in style this season and I really want to get a beautiful black one that is fitted like this. Definitely an investment piece that would steal my whole budget!
Peplum Tops – Love peplum tops, they are so flattering and forgiving in all the right places, they are perfect for dressing up or down.
Booties!! I love these Tom’s just for the texture. They would go with pretty much everything.

cold shoulder top cold shoulder top2 long cardigan

Cold Shoulder Sweater – This is one of my favourites, there are two because they are different styles. The first one is more of a sweater and more casual everyday. It’s nice to have that mix.
Black Cold Shoulder Blouse – Still one you can wear casually… around the house like I would or dress it up. How fabulous would the look with a beautiful statement necklace
Long Cardigan – When you click this link or the photo you get to see the sweaters that have different colours… I am IN LOVE with the grey version!

off shoulder top skinny jeans toms shoes

Off Shoulder Sweater – If your not going to go with the cold shoulder another favourite is the off shoulder sweater. Super sexy and because it’s a sweater you are cozy and warm!
Skinny Jeans – I’m on the hunt for some new skinny jeans! I want to go darker and maybe maybe I will get some distressed looking jeans too.
More Booties! What can I say I love this trend! Might as well enjoy it while the weather works for it and the snow isn’t taller than the boot!

tshirt dress white peplum top

T-Shirt Dress – I am loving a t-shirt dress! This with a leather jacket, jean jacket or that long cardigan above paired with booties or tall boots. It takes a dress that could be worn in the summer to a fall look. I also love the cut out stomach. It’s just unique so I like that.
Peplum Sweater – As I said above I love a peplum, this one looks so comfortable, casual, warm and stylish. Just what I would love to get into any day of the week!

Hope I inspired your next fall shopping experience! Can’t wait to show you how this budget of mine broke down with my pretty big wish list… Keep in mind this isn’t all going to happen in that $100 budget…It’s a WISH list so any items can end up in my closet!

Have a beautifully inspired day!

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