Favourite Winter Style

I’ve always loved fashion. I was the girl who had nothing to wear even with a full closet. So of course it was time to go shopping and I did! Lots! Fast forward a few years, a marriage and two kids later. The chances of going shopping on a whim is a pretty rare occurrence. I’ve really had to change my shopping habits and focus my choices based on what is realistic, wearable and my kids can’t destroy.

Now I am really loving what is flattering, comfortable and versitle. Something I can dress with a statement necklace but also be something I would wear to pick the kids up from school. Here are some of my favourite styles right now.

The Aztec trend is one of my favourites and looks so comfortable. I found this shirt on Dottie Couture Boutique.

that dress - striped crew neck dress

This style of dress is so hard to find, you can find plenty of versions in stores that end up being the mini skirt version, but to find one that is long and classy looking is a hard thing. I actually purchased this dress from Sweet {Jolie} and can confirm that it is every bit as awesome as it looks in this picture. It is so comfortable, long and looks great with an awesome statement necklace. Currently they are out of stock but she has already brought it in once more since I bought it two weeks ago and will probably bring it in again.
PS… Sweet {Jolie} is an amazing Canadian boutique that is very inspirational, in love with their store and their clients.

heart sweater from sweet {jolie} Another great find from Sweet {Jolie} is this lime green heart sweater. LOVE this one so very much! Picture wearing this lounge around or out for a coffee date. I cannot tell you how much I want this added to my shopping list. Again out of stock because she sells that quickly. Follow her on Facebook to get the first notifications of anything new.

 black tank topAnother one of my favourites is this reversible tank top from Express. I own this one and it is my favourite. Not necessarily a winter style but when you pair it with a cute cardigan, jeans and boots it is a winter staple for me.

Aztec Sweater - Blush Pink

I have had a crush on this store and aztec printed cardigans for so long! Modern Vintage Boutique has been one of my favourite online boutiques to follow and see what new stock they have brought in! How comfy and gorgeous does this cardigan have! Paired with that reversible tank top above! Yep this is an item on my checklist I would really like to check off.

What is your favourite winter style?


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