Finding Your Girl Boss Babes + My Girl Boss Babe House Of Koopslie!

Find your girl boss babe community! They will support you and lift you up! I'm sharing 3 ways to find your community!

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had such a wonderful weekend, got some rest and enjoyed your family time! I am super excited about today’s post because I am showing my Girls Boss Friend Monika from House Of Koopslie. First let me just say that her products are AMAZING!!  We are going to get into that below where I show her versatile 4 in one poncho. But first I wanted to chat about finding your Girl Boss Babes, your community, your creative partners and supporters.

Monika and I have chatted over social media for a long time, I’ve known of Monika’s company House Of Koopslie pretty close to the beginning and I’m really not sure when she discovered me. But what I think it amazing is that when we first met in person, outside of Elle’s Closet in the mall we immediately connected and I had such a wonderful feeling from Monika.

How cute is this 4 in 1 poncho that is so versatile!

She is the ultimate girl boss who has created a huge brand for herself but she is the most down to earth girl ever. She immediately was interested in my new clothing line and wanted to help any way she could. This is what I am talking about today. I’ve been through the whole catty it’s all about me mentality with people and I have no interest in that. I am all about the Girl Gang (thank you Prairie Couture for this fabulous phrase! another ultimate girl boss).

Monika of House Of Koopslie is all about the supportive vibe, offering a hand even if it cuts into her busy schedule. She genuinely cares and that is what I want each and every women to find, in business, in life, in their friendships, everywhere. Those women are out there we just gotta find them.

3 Ways to find your Girl Boss Babe Community!

3 Steps To Finding Your GIRL BOSS BABES! 

  • GET WHAT YOU WANT TO GIVE – The only way to get a girl boss tribe is to give the love and those receiving it will feel your vibe and want to support you back. You may give and not get anything in return but that’s ok, your are spreading your positive vibe and that will attract your community.
  • DO ALL THINGS WITH PASSION – Show your real heart! When you communicate with your heart people can see how genuine you are and want to be around that more. They know that what you work on is your heart and soul and will love that.
  • ALWAYS BE HELPFUL – This kinda goes back to get what you give, but go past that. Monika knows that I am a smaller company so I have plenty of questions. She has been willing to give me time to answer as many as she can and then helps to connect me to the right people. This is above and beyond and I am so appreciative! When it comes to blogging I have read all the books, listened to all the podcasts &  know all the Instagram tricks. I love sharing this with people because it helps them grow. It’s not helping my competition because we all have something different to offer. It’s helping my friends and my industry succeed. It’s creating a girl boss babes community!

Finding your Girl Boss Babes is such an amazing experience and it opens up your heart and soul to so many positive things. So go find them! Support them! And start by visiting my friend Monika from House Of Koopslie because she is amazing!!

Love this poncho that converts to a skirt, maxi dress and shirt! Check out how to style all 4!

So let me tell you a bit about House Of Koopslie! They have such a positive message and their headbands are seriously so cute and versatile. They want every women to put on a headband and feel like “Look out world! I am fierce! Here I come!” Their headbands can we worn so many ways which makes it even more amazing.

They also have this poncho that I am obsessed with. It can be work so many ways! I thought I shared them all but turns out I missed one lol (Hint you can belt the poncho to make it a shirt).  It’s made of a really soft bamboo and is perfect year round. For the winter I have been wearing it a lot as a poncho but for this summer it will be at my lake every weekend worn as a dress and skirt during the day and then poncho in the evenings by the fire.


Love this poncho that converts to a skirt, maxi dress and shirt! Check out how to style all 4! Plus 3 ways to find your boss babe community! 3 Ways to find your Girl Boss Babe Community!

House Of Koopslie Poncho – Elle’s Closet Distressed Articles of Society Jeans, – OTK Boots from Nordstrom ON SALE from $150 to under $60 – Kate Spade Blush ToteCustom Glass Necklace from Sheree’s Glass ArtworkWhite Long Sleeve Top From Gap – on sale for $20


poncho worn as skirt - house of koopslie 3 Ways to find your Girl Boss Babe Community!

House Of Koopslie Poncho – Love Is The New Black Tee – Classic Denim Jacket – Burgundy Booties old – similar and super super cute! – City Slim Clutch from Stella & Dot – on sale too! – Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace – this is a 5 in 1 necklace


poncho worn as top - house of koopslie Love this poncho that converts to a skirt, maxi dress and shirt! Check out how to style all 4!

House Of Koopslie Poncho – Elle’s Closet Distressed Articles of Society Jeans, – Pink Suede Heels old – very similar – City Slim Clutch from Stella & Dot


poncho worn as maxi dress - house of koopslieGotta love a poncho that converts to a super cute maxi dress!

House Of Koopslie Poncho – Leather Jacket From Frock Box (similar Lucky Brand) – Black Booties were found at Marshall’s – This brand I am loving and I did find similar boots at different price points. (1. Really similar and on for $99 from $200, 2. These booties are again really similar but have a floral embellishment.) – City Slim Clutch from Stella & Dot – Stella & Dot Sutton Necklace – this is a 5 in 1 necklace

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Hope you have such a wonderful day and loved today’s share of girl boss babes and of course the fabulous Monika of House of Koopslie!

XO Jen

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8 Comments on Finding Your Girl Boss Babes + My Girl Boss Babe House Of Koopslie!

  1. Sheree Ho
    January 25, 2018 at 7:17 pm (2 years ago)

    This poncho is everything!! Literally!! so versatile and practical, you have so many styles in one! Love that!! And the texture/quality looks great.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  2. Helena Marz
    January 27, 2018 at 12:35 am (2 years ago)

    Hi lovely! I love your one shoulder top paired with distressed jeans and that dress is so cool! So glad that your own clothing line is going well and getting all the support from others. Keep shinning girl❤️ xo

  3. Nicole
    January 28, 2018 at 3:53 am (2 years ago)

    So happy Jen that you are happy!!! Your positivity is so inspirational to me! I love your clothing line and thank you for sharing this lovely Brand as well, such cute pieces!

  4. Jenny
    January 28, 2018 at 5:57 am (2 years ago)

    I love your tips! Why do it if you aren’t gonna be passionate about it. I also love working with other passionate women. Such a win-win situation!


  5. Melissa | Bubby and Bean
    January 28, 2018 at 6:20 pm (2 years ago)

    There is nothing better than boss babes bonding! Supporting fellow women in biz is so important. I just love how inspiring you are!

  6. Kristina Williams
    January 28, 2018 at 7:17 pm (2 years ago)

    I’m loving all of these looks! She seems like such an amazing gal. I totally agree with “always be helpful.” No one is better than someone else. We’re all trying to make it as influencers and friends. I’m at a point where for some reason my growth has kind of come to a halt, so I’m asking everyone what I can do! You’re doing amazing things!



  7. April
    January 29, 2018 at 3:39 am (2 years ago)

    I just love your energy! Hanging out with your best boss babe is so much fun! That poncho is so pretty, and how creative that you’ve styled it so many different ways!


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