Getting Summer Ready

my 3 summer tools to get bikini ready

There’s something that happens when summer comes along and we get to wear our warmer clothing and possibly our swimsuits that gets us in this mental state that we need to take better care of ourselves to look our best in our swimwear. I am definitely not immune to this summer itch. We just got back from vacation and I was on a mission to get into shape since I planned on living in a swimsuit for a week.

This post has 2 features… First seriously people we need to just be nicer to ourselves year round! I’m seriouslying my self maybe the most! Yes I just made up that word. I’m saying we need to be more gentle with ourselves in the sense that we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves and just rock our bods they way they are. For me it’s stretch marks included. I’m also saying that we need to stop yo yo working out and instead just work out regularly. I don’t care what you do just do it. We need our bodies to be in top shape so that whatever comes our way we can handle it. If your with me here then give me a big HANDS UP in the comments!

Second… I know we need to be more gentle on ourselves but it’s SO SO HARD sometimes! Especially when it’s summer and we all want to enjoy the wine, snacks and late nights. Which usually destroys the work we did earlier. But I thought I would share the 3 things that I have found to be helpful this workout yo yo season.

  1. Under Armour – I might be slightly obsessed with all my Under Armour leggings, sports bras and tank tops. Especially now that we have a Under Armour outlet in the new Airport Outlet Mall. Pop in store or check them out online and you won’t regret it. Or shop your favourite makes you feel fabulous workout gear store to get you more in the mood to take care of yourself because you deserve it!
  2. Nerium Firming Body Lotion – My friend Rebecca sells Nerium and she asked me to give it a try. It’s beach season so why not go for it. Originally I started to use it everywhere on every spot that might have some cellulite I wanted to hide. To be honest I didn’t think it was worth it when I was doing that way because, yes I know there was cellulite on my butt and legs but hey I can’t see it… What you can’t see isn’t there right??? BUT when I switched it up to just do my stomach and really focus on those results I started to really notice the difference. My stomach isn’t terrible but no matter how much weight I loose and how flat my stomach gets there is always these little dimples of stretched skin. The Nerium really helped a lot when I used it regularly. I even brought it with me to Kelowna to get some extra smooth skin power. I personally found it a bit pricy to be spreading it all over your body when I wasn’t really noticing my butt change but when I focused in on my stomach I was using less and seeing results. I’m sure the butt and legs did the same results but I’m not that good at really paying attention to them since I don’t see them regularly. I definitely recommend this for your summer prep as something a little extra.
  3. Nashville – No not the location but the show Nashville has been my saviour! I have made the commitment the no matter what I will only be watching this when I work out so if i want to see what happens next then I better get on that treadmill! If your like me and need to keep distracted then pick your favourite show and watch that when your on your treadmill. You will be surprised at how fast that 30 minutes can fly when your completely engulfed in a great show!

Hope these tips help your summer bikini prep challenge! But please let’s be much nicer to ourselves and actually take this challenge year round and be grateful for what we have, prepared for our future and always keeping in mind that we are beautiful no matter what. Thanks for reading todays post! I’d love to hear what you do for your Year Round Health Challenge!

xo Jen

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2 Comments on Getting Summer Ready

    July 30, 2018 at 6:28 pm (2 years ago)

    HANDS UP!!!!!

  2. Camille - Paisley Grace Boutique
    July 31, 2018 at 12:42 pm (2 years ago)

    I agree! I am sooo hard on my menopausal body and need to get into that mainframe of simply taking care of myself for health, not what I look like. Maybe the new workout gear will help me too? đŸ˜‰ Thanks for the tip!


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