GIrl Boss Holiday Gift Guide

Girl Boss Gift Giving Guide - Lots of awesome gift ideas for the Girl Boss In Your Life!! #girlboss #giftgivingguide #christmas Christmas is coming so it’s about time you start thinking about who you are buying for and what things they might enjoy. I’ve already started which is kind of fun because there is no pressure to run into a mall and pick something up, instead you get to take your time and  find more personal gifts that have a bit more meaning. So I thought it would be fun to create a few holiday gift guides to help you find that special personal gift.

So today I created my favourite and most fabulous themed gift guide! This is my Girl Boss Gift Guide! It’s for your entrepreneur friend working to build her empire. She loves all things pretty, inspiring and motivating. I hope you love this just as much as I do!

Love love love this ambitious Tee!! #ambitious #tee #fashion #girlbossAmbitious Tee!!
How fabulous is this t-shirt? It is such a little inspiration to your every day but also would look super cute with a jean jacket or cardigan. I also really recommend taking a look at this Shop Kelly Elizabeth Design because she has so many fabulous t-shirt designs and prints.

Girl Boss Pencils and Heart Pencils are so adorable and honestly make me so happy! #girlboss #pencilsGirl Boss & Heart Pencils
I seriously adore fancy pencils like these, they are so perfect for a Bossy Lady friend and the perfect way to constantly motivate her to push for her dreams.

Big Dreams Print is such a great add to your home decor to motivate you to reach for your dreams #quote #print #artwork #bosslady #dreambigSmall Girl BIG Dreams!
I am so huge on having prints that inspire around you in your house. I have one right above my desk to constantly motivate me to be fabulous and reach for my dreams. This small girl big dreams print is so beautiful and the perfect to inspire.

How adorable are these glitter bands for your planner. I love how you can add little accessories to your planner #glitter #elastic #plannerPlanner Glitter Band
How adorable are these? These are the cutest stocking stuffers that are something small but seriously beyond awesome! Wrap these pretty elastic bands with the glitter bows around your planner to keep it nice and secure and also fashionable! Love this!

Girl Boss Hair Elastics! Super cute and just something special to add #girlboss #hairelastics #inspireGirl Boss Hair Elastics!
How awesome! Another great stocking stuffer. Anyone receiving these will love them so much. They are super  cute, great colours and will be something special that they can appreciate through out their day. It’s a small inspiration but people do their hair in the morning so you are helping them start their day on the right foot.

Hustle Print To Inspire you! #print #hustle #motivate #inspire Hustle Print
I really love gold foil and then you add that to an inspirational print and I am all over it!

Girl_Boss_painted_mugHand Painted BO$$ Lady Mug!
I am all about the mugs! A Boss lady mug combined with the beautiful hand painted flower is so beautiful. I can imagine drinking coffee out of this every morning with a smile on my face. It’s just too beautiful to pass up!

Girl_Boss_notepadBoss Lady Notepad
Fun stationery is seriously the best! I’m constantly making notes on any paper that is around and it’s always uplifting to be able to use one that is pretty and motivational.

Girl_Boss_pencilsLike a Boss Lady Pencils
I know I’ve already shown you some pencils but they are too much fun to resist (ps one more set is coming up!) If you decide you need the notepad above then you will definitely need the pencils to go with! Write Like A Boss Lady and be inspired to build your empire!

Build your empire in a beautiful space with this just a girl boss building her empire pillow #pillow #homedecor #girlbossJust A Girl Boss Building Her Empire Pillow
It’s a lot of fun to add little accessories to your office that inspire and this pillow is so cute.

Bossy Lady Floral Print #etsy #print #bossyladyBossy Lady Flower Printable
Another Boss Lady print to inspire you but the nice thing about this one is it is a printable which means that you get to print it at home or send it to a local printer for printing.

Girl Boss Planner Stickers! I love adding stickers to my planner, it's fun, pretty and motivational #girlboss #stickers #plannerstickersGirl Boss Planner Stickers
I have been using my iPhone calendar to keep my schedule near me but I really love a good planner so this past year I have been using the Day Designer and next year have already bought the Simplified Planner. These are motivational planners and are perfect for custom inspired stickers that are fun and add a little bit of inspiration. Another great stocking stuffer!

Bossy Lady Cup & Straw! Love Love Love this! #bosslady #strawandcupBoss Lady Tumbler
How awesome!! This is a big must on my holiday shopping list! I am on a smoothie kick so this is great to be able to enjoy my smoothie in the morning and be able to bring it with me wherever I go. This will get lots of use and also inspire the Boss Lady in your life.

Girl Boss Pencils are a must for any entrepreneur who loves pretty things and being motivated #pencils #girlboss #bosslady #stationeryBoss Lady Pencils!
As I said I love custom boss lady pencils! They are probably something not many people would buy for themselves but would really really love to receive. They are just that little hint of motivation and colour through out your day.

Hope you enjoyed all these Girl Boss / Boss Lady Inspired Christmas Gift Giving Ideas!!
I found all of these on ETSY’s “Something For Everyone” Holiday Hub!

Happy Holiday Shopping!!

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