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Giselle Dennis Fine Art creates gorgeous paintings and also does such great things for her communityToday’s Inspired Wednesday Pick is such an inspiration in so many ways. Giselle Denis is an extremely talented artist who I have started noticing just this past year. She creates absolutely beautiful art that has made it’s way into many homes for people to continue to enjoy. She’s so talented but that is not why she was selected as today’s Inspired Wednesday Pick, I am sharing her story with you because she inspires me and I hope that after reading this she will inspire you.

Like I said I have started noticing Giselle’s work over this past year, she is very active on social media posting what she is currently working on, where she is painting and she even brings you into her art studio and makes you feel like you are part of the process. She is fun to follow because obviously her art is beautiful but she shares a picture of the artwork in it’s new home. You just feel so included and for me that makes you want to see what she is going to do next. Giselle Denis also paints every saturday live at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald which gives guests such a unique and amazing experience to see her paintings from start to finish.

What really caught my eye about Giselle Denis is her involvement in the community and giving back. In June of 2014 Giselle painted an absolutely gorgeous and large 3×10 foot painting (just below) for the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch and it sold for $50,000! How absolutely amazing is that?Giselle Dennis Fine Art Painting that sold for $50,000. Proceeds went to the Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch

This year Giselle again took part in Little Warriors Luncheon and created 100 paintings that were placed on each table. Each painting then was auctioned off and bids started at $50 for each painting and sold out in 15 minutes!Giselle Dennis paintings for the Little Warriors Luncheon

It is really just so amazing to see someone taking such wonderful talent and using it in such a wonderful giving way. Giselle Denis creates beautiful art and gives back so much that she definitely deserves to be todays Inspired Wednesday Pick! If you want your own painting like the ones above Giselle is busy painting a bunch to be showcased and sold at Make It The Handmade Revolution this weekend!

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