Glam & Casual Fur Vest Style

Love this fur vest paired with the blouse and distressed jeans

Have you tried the fur vest trend? I would venture to say it is more than a trend, it’s something that will always be there, maybe not as prominent as it is right now but a fur will always come back in style. So it is definitely something you should consider getting into your closet. I purchased mine from KIXS Boutique and found it really affordable, so don’t feel like you have to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy the fur vest style.

how to wear a fur vest - a mix of glam and casual

There are also so many ways to wear a fur vest, I’ve shown both the casual way and the glam way on my blog previously. Today I have a 3rd way to wear it, a mix of casual and glam, it’s perfect for everyday but also would be super cute for date night, although I might add some heels for date night instead of the flat boots.

fur vest pinterest

Fur Vest From KIXS Boutique, Pleated Blouse From RW&Co old (similar, similar), Distressed Denim Jeans From KIXS Boutique, Monogram Boots From Blair’s Jewelry & Gifts, Covet Sunday Bag from Stella & Dot, Jewelry from Stella & Dot

Love this fur vest paired with the blouse and distressed jeans how gorgeous are these monogram boots!! that pleated blouse is so pretty casual fur vest style made glam casual fur vest style made glam casual fur vest style made glam


Another reason that I love fur vests is you can create layers with them. That white blouse is really fancy on it’s own. When you layer the fur vest on it, even though the vest you would think would bring on my fancy it tones down the blouse and makes it more trendy and fun. Less of a formal affair type of a top.

how cute is this look and that handbag? love the fur vest and the distressed jeans! looks so great! that blouse and the fur vest look so good together! how gorgeous are these monogrammed boots!


Can we talk about how gorgeous these monogrammed boots are? I have absolutely fallen head over heels (no pun intended lol) in love with these boots. Not only did they conveniently go well with my covet Sunday bag the monogram just makes my heart melt every time I see them. It makes them unique and truly special. The boots were from Blair’s Jewelry & Gifts and the monogram is included in the price which was really affordable too. They even have booties and now sandals! i am seriously considering the sandals!


how gorgeous are these monogrammed boots! how gorgeous are these monogrammed boots! how gorgeous are these monogrammed boots!


Now let’s talk jewelry! I am definitely jewelry obsessed! If you can’t tell by all my photos having beautiful jewels. When they said this season as all about “MORE IS MORE” I was super excited because that means i can add layers to my necklaces, have arm parties on both wrists and really have a lot of fun with it. My favourite is this new cocktail ring I got from Stella & Dot. It obviously doesn’t fit under my gloves so I only wear it on fun occasions but I sure do love how unique it is.
that blouse and fur vest is stunning! beautiful leopard watch that cocktail ring is so beautiful! such a pretty delicate necklace

How would you wear your fur vest the most? xo Jen

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2 Comments on Glam & Casual Fur Vest Style

  1. Helena Marz
    February 9, 2017 at 5:53 pm (3 years ago)

    Jen! Your whole outfit looks stylish and trendy! I love the fur vest, if I had one I would wear it with anything like a pair of jeans or dress skinny pants with heels or flats to give a different look! I need to find one for myself❤️


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