My Happiness Journey

inspire quote - you have the brains to decide the direction you want your life to go #happinessjourney #happinessIf you have read my previous post about my happiness then you know that this year my goal is to really focus on what I need to do to change my life around to be more happy. It’s not that I am not happy because I really do love my life and consider myself extremely blessed but would just like to focus a little more on what really does make me happy and focus a little less on what doesn’t.

In order to do this I really had to take a look at things that were bugging me, why they were bugging me and how I could fix them. So I am sharing with you my goals, these are pretty personal but I find it really good for me to put it down in my blog. It almost makes them concrete. Something that I will continue to work on and unfold as the blog continues. Exploring each category and deciding how to make that goal a reality.


– Fake It Till You Make It – Even when you are feeling grouchy and negative, fake that you are having a great day and the happiness will follow.
– There Is Only Love – No matter what comes your way, look at it with love. Even if it is swirling with negativity, you will only see the positive.
– Acceptance – It’s time to be more accepting on myself. Stop being so hard on myself.
– Appreciation – I am so many blessings that I need to make sure to appreciate every single day.

Weight & Fitness
– Commit And Do It – I know this is a hot spot for many women and I am no different.
– Remember How Certain Foods Make You Feel – Let’s avoid anything that makes me tired, slow and lazy and focus on food that give me energy and make me feel positive.
– Nourish For A Healthy Long Life – It’s time to think long term and how I want to live and how my family should live.
– Make Time For Yoga – This is my favourite activity and yet it seems to be the last thing I make time for.

– Buy Staples – Invest in good quality clothing that can be work with anything and will go through all the trends.
– Cheap Trends – Trendy clothes come and go so my focus is to keep my costs down.
– Versatile – Think of clothes that can be work to pick up the kids or for errands and then worn out dressed up.
– Wear More Jewellery – I used to always match my jewellery to my outfit and then one day I stopped wearing jewellery. Lets get into jewellery again, fun statement pieces and really meaningful jewels.
– Take Care Of My Existing Clothing – Do laundry regularly, hang it up nicely, organize the closet to make favourites more visible.

Good Wife
– Appreciate – Take the time to appreciate how lucky I am. I know I am so just remember that every day.
– Make Time For The Husband – Seems easy, but with a swimming head sometimes I get distracted. Take some time to snuggle, watch a movie and listen.
– Dates – Actually go out on a date! Or make a date night in. Either way just Date!
– Random Loves For No Reason – I used to leave little notes all over the place, send cute little messages all the time and just go out of my way to make him feel special. Time for that again.

Clean House
– Stick To A Rotation Rather Than Mass Clean – Schedules work for me so lets create a routine and stick with it.
– Put It Away – Don’t leave it on the counter, take the time to put it away.
– Office Clean – This requires a major organization overhaul but a clean office is a step towards a happy workspace.
– Laundry Up To Date – Let’s not leave it to become a pile and instead do it day by day.

Family Time
– 5-9pm Is A No Work Time – Can this be done? Who knows, but if I can make this a general timeline then it’s a step.
– Appreciate – That lovely word again.
– Weekly Activity – This can be anything, an outing, a craft or just a baking project for the week. Let’s do something as a family.

– Make Time For Menus – Plan out what the meals are for the week.
– Prep – I love having quinoa or chick pea salad for lunch, if it’s ready I’ll eat it which will make me be healthy and happy.
– Feel Good Foods – This matches up with Weight/Fitness, eat what makes you feel amazing.

Celebrate Your Wins
– Be Happy For Myself – Stop pushing so hard and just be happy.
– Have That Champagne! – So I’ve missed the time to celebrate but that doesn’t mean I can’t finally have that glass of champagne to celebrate.

– Priorities – It’s time to prioritize and realize what needs to be done.
– Goals – You’ve got goals in your head so let’s put them down on paper, your more likely to achieve them that way.
– No Pressure – Take off the pressure. You will get there in time and there is no rush.
– Positive – No negative energy allowed, only positive thoughts please.

– Make Time For Friends – Work has taken such a lead in this category it is time for it to take more of a back seat before I lose my great friends.
– Dates/Activities/Outings – Get out there! Stop sitting at home being to lazy to go out and just go. Remember how much fun it used to be?
– Monthly Date – Make a monthly date with your favourite people so you can always make time for each other.


What do you think? Way too much stuff for one person to tackle as a new years resolution? Kinda seems like it but when I thought about what would really make me happy that is everything that came up. It’s impossible to happen all at once because it’s way to much to remember but if I tackle each category slowly then by the end of this year I theoretically should be happier.

Now this blog is all about this list. So through out the year I am going to be posting about how I am taking on each task and how it went. I would love to hear your comments!



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3 Comments on My Happiness Journey

  1. Ann Yankowsky
    April 27, 2015 at 3:16 pm (4 years ago)

    I absolutely love the direction of this blog! Kudos to you for putting yourself “out there” and sharing with us. I also need to make time to get ready and get out more often. It’s so easy to just sit in front of the computer.


    • inspiration
      April 27, 2015 at 6:13 pm (4 years ago)

      Thank you Ann! Your words are so sweet and really mean a lot coming from you. You were a bit of my inspiration for finding happiness. Your decision to quit cakes and focus more on your family really made me look at where I was and what I was missing out on. Thank you so very much!


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