Happy You – Part 2

happy_you_plannerLast week I talked about being a little unorganized in life and wanting to make the time to achieve the goals, to feel more balanced in my daily life and to make headway on the tasks and happiness needs I had.

For work related topics I started by creating a list. A checklist of what I do every week for work, creating another one for what I do on the 1st and 15th. So far this week it has been a huge success in terms of keeping me on track. It’s only monday and I feel like I am doing great, getting things done and not feeling as flustered about missing things or falling behind.

I also went ahead and created my Happy You Planner which is going to be such a good positive influence in my life. It’s all about defining your goals, your wishes and your dreams! By doing this you are able to really tackle the goals that are most important to you. Think of it as your personal planner that will help you narrow down what is most important to your happiness. As a thank you to my readers I am offering it to you for FREE when you sign up to A Beautiful Inspiration.

Style your life on inside and out to create a happier you.
xo Jen

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