The Healthy Fitness Challenge Update

Finding Happiness - Fitness and Health Challenge Update! Well it has been a week and a half since I posted about my first challenge which was working out and being healthy about my eating. So here is the honest update on the fitness challenge… I’m really feeling great and proud of myself. I am not everyday committed to working out right now because with all the driving and work on my plate I just can’t fit it in. That said there is lots to feel accomplished about considering I wasn’t working out at all before this challenge. I consciously think about it every day and decide if I have time to workout and when and go from there.

I am also eating healthy meals and paying attention to how much I am scooping on my plate. I know before I was definitely eating more that my body needed. I would fill my dinner plate right up, eat more because it tasted good not because I was actually hungry. Now I am only taking what I know is right and stopping when I feel full. The first week of doing this is usually a starving week because your so used to eating to much that your stomach has expanded. Now that my stomach is back to it’s actual size I am not hungry and I’m also not craving junk food to snack on.


Treadmill – We have had a treadmill in our house for years and for the most part it has been a really great place to hang my laundry. This still acts like my string for laundry but I also use it to workout on once or twice a week. I’d like more but right now it’s just not in the cards.

Bikini Body Mommy – This is an AMAZING workout! If you haven’t heard about this then I highly recommend trying it. It’s workouts you can do at home and usually they don’t take longer than 20 minutes from warmup to cool down. She also alternates between cardio and strength each day. The only thing you need is dumbbells and I like a yoga mat. She has also built this great community around her for support and questions if you need it.

30 Day Ab Challenge – I found this printable challenge on pinterest and decided to try it. My stomach is my problem area so it was only natural that I would pick this challenge first. There are plenty more that can target specific areas you want to work on. Just like the rest I don’t do this every day. Life happens. But as long as I keep crossing off days I am happy with myself. I will say though, looking at this makes you think no way am I going to be able to do 125 sit ups. I have always hated doing them but you will be amazed at how easily your body builds up to that amount.

30 Day Ab Challenge - so awesome to do

How is your challenge going? I’d love to hear what you are doing for your healthy fitness challenge!



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