I Choose Happiness

Something that I have decided in January but has been so hard for me to publicly admit is that 

I am no longer planning weddings

There i said it. I’ve told close friends and family but I’ve done pretty good at keeping it off social media. I knew as soon as I decided in January that it was the right decision. The year before I was a ball of stress. Working constantly, striving to be the best and neglecting my family, my friends and myself. I knew in January that something had to change for my own well being and my families. So after a lot of deliberation, stress and almost depression over the whole subject I decided I was done.

Not to toot my own horn but I am pretty good at planning weddings. I love the beauty of them, the fun and happiness that surrounds them. I made very good money planning them. But at one point you have to look back and say ok my happiness and my family are more important. I feel like I missed a lot these past few years because I was  working or I was thinking about work. I want to be there for my family, for my husband, present in their lives and paying attention. 

I don’t want to no be a stress ball working until midnight every night. 

Walking away was not an easy decision. But I knew as soon as the decision was made it was the right decision. The stress was released as soon as it was decided. 

So there. I’ve said it. Made it official. 

I really do recommend that if you are in the same position as I am you really take a look at your life and what is making you unhappy. Life is far to short to continue being unhappy, missing out on so many amazing things and never taking the time to stop and smell the roses. Choose happiness or find a way to compromise so you too get to enjoy all that life has to offer.

I’d love to hear how you picked happiness over something else. It’s inspiring. 

Have a lovely Monday. 



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1 Comment on I Choose Happiness

  1. Crystal Puim
    November 10, 2015 at 6:51 am (4 years ago)

    Good on you! I learned to say “no” this year. I used to think if I said no that I would sound cocky and ungrateful…that I would lose all work offers and my work, at least in my eyes, was suffering because of my irrational fears. Simply put- I wasn’t giving my best and I just kept accepting all job offers and not wanting to miss out on opportunities. This changed thus year. I am both proud and horrified to admit I turned away over 40 photography requests this year…many of them I simply couldn’t fit in and others I just needed a break! I thanked everyone profusely because I really DO appreciate the offers (I wouldn’t be able to do what I do full time if it wasn’t for amazing ppl who want to give me work) but I realized I wasn’t good to anyone if I was just running ragged all the time. I’m still crazy busy and work/family/friends/ me time still needs a bit of tweaking but all in all it has been a great lesson learning to say no but to be thankful. 🙂 Glad happy has come to you through this decision.


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