I’m A Stella & Dot Stylist!

I am LOVING Stella & Dot and so glad that I decided to be a stylist! I have earned so much in free jewellery and way more money than I had expected. It has been such a fun experience and I am looking forward to growing my stella and dot business #stelladot #stylist

I have seriously so excited to announce that I am now a Stella & Dot Stylist now! I have been in love with this company since I was first introduced to them and would constantly be sharing with people the jewellery or my handbags. I had hosted 2 trunk shows previously which is just a great excuse to get the girls to come over, have some wine and browse. For each of those trunk shows I received about $250 in free jewellery credits & 3-4 50% off discounts! For someone who LOVES the jewellery it was a great way to get free jewellery without my husband going nuts on me. So I really gave it some serious thought and decided to go for it.

My Why: Like I said before I LOVE the jewellery. I also really needed an excuse to get out of the house and enjoying a nice night with the girls. My days tend to be on repeat, waking up, driving the kids to school and their activities, dinner and bedtime. Don’t get me wrong I love it but sometimes I like to just have some girl time. With having trunk shows I get a few hours of hanging out with the girls, meeting new people and share something that I really love.  I also now get the opportunity to earn lots of free jewellery (over $1000 in my first month) and extra money which I have already used to pay off my car. We are planning on taking my Stella & Dot earnings to pay off my car and saving for a family vacation.

What I Am Loving: Of course the jewellery is top since it’s why I joined but I have to say that the support I have received from the Stella & Dot community is amazing! I have never felt so uplifted and inspired in any industry. These women have never met me, didn’t know who I was before I joined and yet they were immediately so supportive right from the beginning. Sending messages to say good luck on my launch party, sharing my successes and constantly being supportive and available if I ever need anything. The company is so organized, providing great tools and checklists to help you along and the launches are pretty exciting to be able to see what is coming and ready to promote it. Overall I am loving it.

The Winter Collection has recently launched and they have come out with lots of affordable gift giving items which is always great right before Christmas, some beautiful new styles and my favourite and something I am in love with is their watch collection. Just like many items in the collection they are super versatile and you can switch the face plate out to match your outfit that day. If your wearing silver then you can make the face plate silver or gold or rose gold depending on your outfit. It’s so awesome.

Interested In Joining Me? Think about your why. Do you love the jewellery? Do you want to meet some wonderful people? Want to make some extra money? I’d love to chat with you about your why, help you build your business and love it as much as I do! If your interested please email me at info(at)freshlookevents.com. I’d love to hear from you!

Anyways enough chatter, here are some of my favourite items! You can find all these awesome items on my website http://www.stelladot.com/jenniferkinal

Love my Waverly Petite Handbag from Stella & Dot! It can be work 3 different ways, is so stylish and goes with everything! #stelladot #stelladotstyle #waverly

The Waverly Petite Hanbdag
I have this handbag and use it every single day! It is so awesome because you can wear it 3 different ways. Just like it is shown here, you can remove the strap and make it a clutch or you can unfold it and there are hooks right at the top and make it a longer larger handbag. It is seriously my favourite bag right now. You can see more details on the bag here.

Love these delicate Stella & Dot Layering Necklaces #stelladot #stelladotstyle #necklaces #jewellery

Great Layering Necklaces!
I have 2 of these necklaces and they are so pretty together! They are nice and delicate so great for an everyday look. In order from Left to right they are
Aurora Necklace in Gold
Nova Pendant Necklace (I have this one and it’s so pretty)
Aurora Drop Necklace (I also have this one and I love it. You can also wear it opposite which is a matte look and no crystals)

This is so pretty! Arrow Necklace & matching Earrings from Stella & Dot #stelladot #stelladotstyle

Arrow Drop Necklace & Earrings
I have both of these and they are SO PRETTY!! They sparkle so much and are really eye catching.

how pretty is this lynx pearl necklace from Stella & Dot! I LOVE it! #stelladot #stelladotstyle #lynxnecklace

Lynx Pearl Necklace
This is one of my absolute favourites and another one that I have. Its such a fun edgy twist to wearing pearls. It looks so great on it’s own or layered with the sutton necklace below!

Sutton Necklace is awesome for layering and so so pretty and versatile #stelladot #stelladotstyle #necklace #jewellery

Sutton Necklace
This is one of the best staple necklaces for everyones jewellery box. It is great alone, it gives you 6 different ways to wear it and it is awesome for layering. It looks beautiful with the lynx necklace above too!

Stella & Dot Watches are so awesome! So many ways to change them upStella & Dot Watches
These watches are truly awesome! Like I was saying up above you can take the face plate and switch it up to make them gold, silver or rose gold depending on the watch. You can also buy the wrap and change out the strap to a wrap around strap which is really fun. I own the middle stone watch and LOVE it so much. Another perk about this job is I actually won the stone watch! Yay free jewellery!

Beautiful Stella & Dot Bracelets! There are so many options to choose from #stelladot #stelladotstyle #bracelets #armcandy

There are a lot that I am really loving so i thought I would share a lot of them with you and then you can visit the website to see them all! I really enjoy creating arm candy with a bunch of fabulous bracelets!

I have all these Stella & Dot Earrings and they are so awesome! Love the ear jackets #stelladot #stelladotstyle #earrings #jewellery

Stella & Dot Earrings
I have all of these earrings and I love them so much!!
The ear jackets are so awesome and so versatile. They come with 2 different stud sets that you can switch out and you can chose to use the jackets or not. So many awesome earring styles.

Hope I got you as excited as I am! I love Stella & Dot, have totally been obsessed with it and I am loving it even more now that I am getting it for free and making money doing it.

Have a wonderful wednesday!

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