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Jess Tetu owner of Lia Reese Canada, Just For You Day Spa, 47A Recovery Resources and Entrepreneur 306Anyone one have someone you look up to in awe at what they have accomplished in business? I am so excited and thrilled that Jess Tetu is today’s Inspiring business beauty because I have been so inspired by her and all the amazing things you has achieved and given back to the community. She is such a role model that so many people and business NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, follow and learn from!

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Jess Tetu owner of Lia Reese Canada, Just For You Day Spa, 47A Recovery Resources and Entrepreneur 306

Jessica Tetu is a Saskatoon based serial entrepreneur making waves across the province in the beauty & spa industry while making an impact on her community through her dedication to philanthropy!

Overcoming adversity at a very young age, she began her adult life on her own at the age of 15 years old. She relocated to Saskatoon from her small home town of Craik, Sk, with little more than a backpack & a bus ticket, and through dedication, determination & hard work has become an award winning, top entrepreneur in Saskatchewan. She employs more than 100 women & men across the province, is a highly sought after public speaker, and is extremely committed to her community!

Jessica is the sole owner of four Just For You Day Spas in Saskatchewan & Alberta, Founder & CEO of Lia Reese Canada, (Saskatchewan’s Beauty Brand), Co-Founder of Entrepreneur306 Business Consulting and Founder & CEO of 4seventyone Recovery Resources, a non-for-profit charity she created with her brother assisting families of addiction.

She volunteers on multiple community and charity foundation boards across the province, among supporting countless other events, fundraisers and community programs.

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What is the name of your businesses?

How long have you been in business? 

  • I purchased a very small version of JFY when I was 23 after working there for a few years! I started Lia Reese Canada over ten years ago with a full launch of the product line in 2012 under the name of Lia Reese Canada. (My daughter’s name is Ellia Reese).
  • I co-founded E306 Business Consulting in 2015.

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What made you want to start your business? 

  • I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I created LRC after owning my spa for several years and working with multiple beauty lines, and not feeling confident in what I was using or selling. I began working closely with a lab to create an incredible botanical line. From there we added cosmetics, essential oils, body products, nail lacquers, lashes etc.
  • I created E306 with my business partner to help and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs. Helping them make plans to reach their goals, and inspiring them to continue to grow as professionals.

entrepreneur 306 was started to mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs. Helping them make plans to reach their goals, and inspiring them to continue to grow as professionals.

What fears did you have and how did you push past them?
There is always the fear of things not working, people not liking the products, the spa services or my mentorship, however, learning to overcome the fear by taking feedback, criticism and support and using it as a fuel to learn and grow and better my business has helped me learn to overcome the fear and trust in what I’m doing, and therefore trust in the journey! My favourite quote is this:

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Did you have times when you thought about giving up? What did you do?
The feeling of wanting to give up or throw in the towel, is a natural part of entrepreneurship. It’s NOT easy. If it was easy everyone would do it! To be an entrepreneur – you need thick skin. I learned very early that stress management was KEY to my success, and that I needed to learn how to deal with the moments of wanting to give up. I learned how to best resolve situations quicky, and efficiently, and focus on a solution rather than the stressor.

Finding a great support system is also very important – creating relationships with other like minded entrepreneurs has always been a really helpful way to push through hard times. These like minded individuals provide feedback, suggestions and support!

entrepreneur 306 was started to mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs. Helping them make plans to reach their goals, and inspiring them to continue to grow as professionals.

What was your toughest time and how did you push past it?
Strangely – many entrepreneurs will admit that the hardest moments sometimes aren’t actually issues that arise within the business. They are actually issues that arise outside of the business in your personal life, that create a stressful environment for your entrepreneurial mind. An entrepreneur is the busiest individual in a room & generally learns to work at 100% productivity all the time with little to no time for themselves. So when something goes wrong outside of the business and your business relies so strongly on you – it can certainly knock you off your trail, take you away from your goals & greatly affect the business directly.

I had two signigicant personal losses in my life in a short period of time. My father – from addictions & my best friend from breast cancer. I had to learn to use my stress management skills & find a way to continue to run my companies without an absence affecting the business. Finding the proper people you can trust is the most important piece of advice I’d give any business owner – because I have an amazing group of managers and support staff that stepped in and carried the flow of the company without any delay so I could be with family and friends during those difficult times. Now I’ve learned to always have a plan – have a support team ready and as much as it’s important to focus on the goals of SUCCESS for the company – I had to learn to prepare for the moments of struggle as well!

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What was your biggest success and how did you celebrate?
There have been so many moments that truly mean the world to me, but a few would be being named the Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and receiving the Women of Distinction Award in Entrepreneurship. My biggest triumph is to have grown a company large enough to be able to make a large impact on my community by donating, volunteering, & giving back where we can. To be able to touch lives – in a grand way, by inspiring an entire team across the province to take part – is the greatest feeling of success and the greatest goal to continue to keep going, growing and giving!

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What is your favourite way to market your business?
Social Media & community involvement! Online with fun posts, creative ideas, engaging with our customers, is amazing for the company!

Community involvement lets me meet people face to face in my community and build relationships and learn who we are as a company and what we can do for them!

be real, be you

When did you feel like you were on the right path?
I had a moment of clarity, the first time I ever gave back in a larger way – I remember sitting in my car with tears in my eyes, thinking… this feels amazing. This makes all the hard work worth it. I knew there are a million reasons why I loved being an entrepreneur – but the way I felt that day, was one of the biggest and most important!


When did you feel like you had accomplished success?
The community involvement, or the awards were wonderful – but when I was able to inspire and lead my teams in my company and then they started to win awards, and get involved in the community giving – that was when I really felt like I was touching a bit of success!

jess tetu


What are you plans going forward?
I’m an entrepreneur…so the future is an exciting one! We are currently opening our fourth spa, in Saskatoon, as well a opening our very first flagship store for Lia Reese Canada and I’m focused on my charitable foundation (471 Recovery Resources). I would love to say after this year I may take a break – as 6 companies, 3 kids and a foundation – on top of the multiple charity and community boards I’m on are quite chaotic and a little tiring…. But…again…i’m an entrepreneur –so i don’t think slowing down is something i’m wired for. My lists of future goals are ambitious – but extremely exciting!

Where can we find you? 

Jess Tetu@jesstetu
@jesstetu @Jfyspa@liareesecanada@entrepreneur306@fourseventyone

Jessica Tetu

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