Jord Watch Giveaway & Gift Idea

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Ok so I am super excited to share today’s post because it is honestly my husbands FAVOURITE gift that I can give to him. Last year I gave my hubby a Jord Wood Watch for Valentine’s Day┬áthat I had engraved with a sweet little message. It has been a watch that he never takes off and gets so many compliments on it. So this year I got him another Jord wood watch that he may have gotten already since I gifted it to him along with tickets to an Oilers hockey game. I would say I have some serious wife brownie points going on here.

So the first year I got him one that had a really beautiful light wood grain and the gears in the centre that you could see them turning. This year I wanted to get him something a little different, I decided on a darker wood finish with a more sleek wood face. The back is also engraved with something a little special that he will totally love as it is one of our inside saying.

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

He has told me so many times that he loves this watch because first it looks really cool, he gets lots of compliments but mainly because it is incredibly light. It’s nice to give a gift that i know he will love. Which is also why it makes me super excited to share with you this giveaway for you to win your own Word Wood Watch to gift! Or maybe treat yourself with!

To enter all you have to do is click this link and enter!!

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

Good luck entering!! PS if you want to see last years watch I blogged about it then too!! Check it out here!

xo Jen

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