June’s Happiness Challenge

May was really such a crazy busy but wonderful month! Filled with my daughters first dance competition in which her group received gold and was awarded Most Promising, lake season officially begins with an expanded deck and a family trip to Hawaii yay!! It was such a rewarding month and by reviewing it as such it really empowers me to appreciate how lucky I am to have been able to experienced all of it.

Inspired Happiness Challenge for June is all about eating more healthy and planning my meals

Being A Better Wife – I definitely felt in the beginning that by writing down and sharing my challenge on being a better wife would really help but just like they say marriage takes work so does this months challenge. I had to constantly take a step away from the crazy busy life that can sometimes consume me and really make an effort to look up, notice my wonderful husband, family and show my appreciation. It’s so silly that something so important can be taken for granted but yet I do it everyday without even thinking about it. Making this my May Challenge was definitely a great time to do so. My love notes for my husband were a complete hit and he loved getting them. He actually started to look forward to them and ask about where they were if I was late hiding his note for him to find. We didn’t do any date nights but I kinda substituted that for our Hawaii trip since that was plenty of dates (with kids) to be enjoyed. I think this month has definitely brought us closer and been a really great reminder to me to take more time for my loved ones. I am looking forward to making this a more daily routine rather than a month challenge.

Food – All of May I worked really hard at my fitness which was part of my goals from a few months ago and also with the lingering trip it really was the focus. I felt really great about the fitness and felt really awesome living in a Bikini for a week. But for me with vacation comes lots of delicious food, wine, coolers, snacks and dessert. So this month I am thinking to get myself back on track I would make food my June Challenge. Work on more meal planning, having healthy snacks more available, easy to create meals and somehow making them family friendly. This kinda seems like a simple challenge but really it is something I am super terrible at! I don’t plan ahead very well when it comes to food. Usually it is 4:30pm and I have just realized that I didn’t take anything out for dinner and have to rely on frozen foods which are not all that healthy. So this month let the planning begin!!

How are you doing with your challenges? I’d love to hear about it!


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