Keeping Depression At Bay

Depression Blog Series - Keeping Depression at Bay by changing your outlook when things get tough

I am starting a series for September that are talking about depression and my experience with it. Although I thankfully feel so much better now, I wrote all these posts while dealing with the depression and living in what I called a dark hole for a long time. I am finally strong enough to share my pain and struggle with you, and I 100% feel it is necessary to share this even with being out of it because I know I am not alone. It is important that we all know that people are dealing with things we do not see. Please share these posts as you read them because as I said you never know who needs to read them. Xo

In case you missed the previous post you can read it here:

Depression Blog Series - Keeping Depression at Bay by changing your outlook when things get tough

So I’ve admitted that I have been depressed and thankfully I have been feeling better and haven’t plummeted back into it.

That doesn’t mean that there haven’t been moments when I could feel the pull. They have definitely come. Especially when I wake up and the weather is gloomy and cold and you just want to curl up in a blanket. It’s easy to let the gloom from outside climb into your soul if you let it.

What I have learned from being out of depression and also meditation (I have been using Breethe and the happiness series I highly recommend) is that sad thoughts will come but how you react to them is what is important. Instead of allowing them to come in and take over. View them like you are watching your life from a movie.

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The scene is set, in strolls the gloom and instead of inviting it in you just observe. See it stroll up, acknowledge it and then allow it to continue strolling off screen.

This may seem like it doesn’t work or is just weird but when I can feel it come up I can remember why I am doing what I am doing and continue forward. Acknowledge those fears and feelings and then send it on its way because I know deep down that I am doing the right thing and that everything will fall in place.

Remember that feelings are allowed to come and go but your mission, your goals and your dreams, your family and your life is what has the most value on the world.

I really hope you choose to share this post with your social following and on pinterest. It is such a powerful message that gets lost, hidden or just never shared and it is so important for people to know they are not alone. Also to see how others deal with it, or feel strong enough to ask for help. I didn’t tell anyone because I was scared, shamed and didn’t understand what was happening. But letting it go out in the world had an exceptional release for me. So please share!!
xo Jen


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