Life’s Little Hiccups

road closed detour ahead - ever feeling like your path to success has plenty of detours?I have had a seriously amazing year last year full of plenty of successes and proud accomplishments. This year my goal was to celebrate those accomplishments a little more, give myself more credit and be inspired as well as inspire others.

So far this year that goal has been falling short. For some reason my luck has seemed to take a turn for the worse and all the things I was super excited about for the coming year are slowly disappearing. I’ve learned a hard lesson that you can’t trust everyone that you think you can and I need to be a little harder when it comes to business. Those are kind of hard lessons for me to learn because I don’t really function that way. Looking forward to the future I have decided not to let those little things bother me and keep going, move past it and strive for a happier future. The problem is I keep hitting tiny little bumps in the road and those are super discouraging. I am almost wondering if I am headed in the right direction anymore. I feel like I really need something positive to show me a sign that things will work out and these little bumps are just hiccups that I can over come.

Do you ever feel like this? Do you believe in signs and that the world works in it’s own way to guide you to where you should be in life.


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