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Appreciate QuoteIn life it’s really easy to get so caught up in the chase of the dream, the drive to be the best, to have the best and to feel like a success. I think it’s really easy to get so caught up in this mindset that it is really easy to lose sight of what success really is.

When you think of success how do you define it? Is it strictly how you are doing with your career? Does your family and home life come into play? It you are a stay at home mother are you less successful that a career business woman?

I was recently sitting with my friend Lisa of Lisa Laquoix Photography discussing what the definition if success really is and how it is different so many people. Lisa knows about my happiness project and is also trying to create her own level of happiness. One thing she said that I completely admire is that she said for a while she was all about the drive to build her business, she was so busy taking beautiful photos of families, weddings and boudoir. She realized one day that when she went on vacation with her family she didn’t take a single photo of her own family. She would bring her computer and work on edits for others but didn’t want to photograph her own family because she wanted to take a break from photography.

It’s sounds silly but it is so true. It’s the same as a florist not wanting flowers in their home because they see them all day at work and would be fussing over them at home too. Or the event planner who doesn’t want to even think of planning her own events because you get so run down its easier to just not.

So back to the photographer story. Would you rather be so busy building your career that you miss out on your own life? Or would you rather build at a comfortable pace so that you get to enjoy your children, husband and family vacations?

I am really inspired with this story because it is true and it gives great perspective on what is really important and how to find your own balance. Does the fact that she wants more of her family make her less successful or more successful because she has these beautiful memories and images to treasure forever?

I want to show you some of her recent photography of her family that she was able to capture because she found her balance. How much fun do you think her kids had creating these images? I bet she had lots of fun with them. These are amazing images that they will always have to remember.

She is a very talented photographer who does what she loves and also spends time with the ones she loves. This makes her beyond successful in life.

You cannot be a huge success if you have nobody to share your successes with.

swimming ballerina sunset picture how adorable! sunglasses and a cute dress caught in action mermaid swimming mermaid tail on land fresh lemons love this lemon silhouette a knight attacking! having so much fun whipping her hair Flower petals disneyland at night captain hook bear hug super cute photo of a brother and sister holding hands on vacationTo see more please follow Lisa Lacroix Photography in Instagram! 


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