Little Girls Bedroom Inspiration

Little Girls Bedroom Inspiration! I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s time to give my daughters room a more cohesive look, a theme of sorts to bring the whole room together. Slowly we have be updating her furniture from had me downs to her own bed, a nice dresser some storage and our recent addition a desk. All the main elements are finally taken care of so it’s time to really put her stamp on the room. I’ve been browsing lots of design ideas and have come up with a feeling I want to convey when you walk into the room.

Her room should be warm, inviting, pink (her favourite colour), inspiring and full of personal touches.

Below are a few of my favourite little girls bedroom inspiration ideas I am thinking about doing. Little Girls Room Inspiration! I love the desk area #homedecor

This room looks gorgeous but I selected it because I love the desk area! Desks can get messy fast so I think it’s a great idea to start with an organized space with places for everything that will be needed thought about in advance. They also did a really great job at coordinating the colours to match which I like too. This pretty room was found on House of TurquoiseHow pretty are these pillows for a kids bedroom! #kids #bedroom #decor

How adorable are these pillows! I LOVE  bed full of pillows, they make the room look so much more complete, beautiful and personalized. Especially when you have a custom pillow with a name on it or a special message. I found this picture on Honey and Fitz and instantly fell in love with the style. Make sure to click that link and see the whole room, it is so pretty!Such a great idea to help organize headbands in a little girls room

A very necessary way to store headbands and hair clips. My daughter has become obsessed with headbands lately and they seem to be creating a little bit of a disaster in her room. This would be the perfect way to store them, make them visible and allow her to select the one she wants to wear that day easily. You can purchase this exact headband holder from the Etsy Shop Funny Girl Designs
This would be so pretty on a desk

This would be so pretty to have on my daughters desk or on the ledge in her room. Plus who wouldn’t be inspired! I found this picture on A Little Craft In Your DayLove the wall decor!

This look is a little too light for my daughters room, her room is already bright pink so we just cannot achieve this but I love the wood cut out letters and the butterflies that are climbing up the wall. This pretty and delicate bedroom was found on One Little Project At A TimeLove the wall decor!

MY FAVOURITE ROOM!! It’s loud, fun, vibrant and the wall decor is so great! I really think my walls are going to end up with a similar look to this since I am so drawn to it. I really want to inspire my little girl to achieve anything she wants to. To brighten her day every time she wakes up or walks into her room. This room just yells you can do anything you want and I LOVE that! You can see the whole room at Design Dazzle.

the perfect quote for a little girls bedroom!
The perfect end to my little girls bedroom inspiration is this quote found in the Etsy shop Wiggle Words. Not only is it perfect for the room but it is ready made for you!

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  1. whitney sewell
    December 4, 2016 at 4:23 am (3 years ago)

    Thank you so much for including my shop in this post! I just stumbled across it! Beautiful ideas! Lots of love <3, Whitney at Wiggle Words on Etsy

    • inspiration
      December 7, 2016 at 2:49 am (3 years ago)

      That picture is so pretty and so inspirational which I totally love!


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