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Back in my younger years I used to make jewellery and wear a lot of jewellery that was all coordinated. Since having little ones i have carefully selected my jewellery to be kid friendly or not worn any at all. Sometimes that happens with kids, you get so busy with them, their activities and just trying to keep up that you forget to do a little something for yourself.

For me that little something for myself has been Stella and Dot. It is my chance to really have fun with jewellery again, jewels that are right on trend and come from a really good company. There are so many options from the casual every day wear to the fun statement necklaces. They have also just come out with their new line so I thought it would be fun to share with you my passion (yep my passion, I’m slightly obsessed with Stella and Dot).


Stella and Dot Palmia NecklaceThe Palmia Necklace
How beautiful is this necklace? It is definitely on my to order list. What I love about it is the colour. I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white lately so my necklace really gives me a chance to bring some colour into my wardrobe. The other thing I really like is this necklace looks pretty and dressy but the chain detailing also can make it casual and good for everyday. I have another necklace with a similar chain from Stella & Dot (The Callie Necklace) and it’s one of my favourites.

Stella and dot eclipse necklaceEclipse Pendant Necklace
What I am loving about this necklace is it is kinda fancy but also a mix of rocker chic. This could easily be worn with a t-shirt and then also with a nice dress or blouse. For me the key is having clothing that is good for everything, dropping off the kids and then for being worn out on date night. Another pro for this necklace is it you can wear it at 3 different lengths depending on how you like it. If you are liking it take a look at the page because they have paired it with another necklace and it looks really awesome together!

Stella & Dot Rebel Cluster NecklaceRebel Cluster Necklace
Another absolute must for my wardrobe! I am super attracted to jewellery that can be worn differently. I can just visualize the outfit for this being some torn blue jeans and a t-shirt to create almost a rocker feel or worn with a nice sweater as a little extra accessory.

Stella and Dot Engravable BraceletSignature Engravable Bar Cuff
Anything you can put your own unique spin on I adore. It is the perfect way to add the initials of that someone special on your wrist and carry them with you wherever you go. This new cuff allows you to add plenty more letters than you were previously allowed so you can even write inspirational wording such as believe, inspire, appreciate, blessed. Whatever will bright your day with one look at your wrist. Just a little reminder of how you want to feel.

Stella and Dot Blessed bangleInspiration Bangle – Blessed
On the top of having an inspiration bangle these are my favourite. I own two of the three, blessed shown above, love and the final one I need to add to my collection is always in rose gold. They are so special to me because they remind me always to appreciate what I have because I am truly blessed and to remember that I am always loved no matter what. 

There are so many new styles on Stella & Dot right now so I cannot possibly share them all but those are some of my favourites! Take a look yourself and enjoy! They are really good quality, fast delivery and their customers services is unbelievable. If you have any issues they can take the jewels back or replace them. This is a company that I completely adore.

Happy Shopping!


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