Style Challenge Day 5 – Make Your T-Shirt The Focus

Love this graphic tee and the white skinnies!

I believe that my T-Shirt says all it needs to say about being the focus and providing us with some fabulous motivation! Girl you are amazing and just like myself we need to start believing it! Stand strong and go for it! Never look back except when you are at the top to see all that you have achieved.

Today’s style challenge is all about making your t-shirt the focus and what better way to do that on a weekend than to pair it with some cute white skinnies and some sparkly flats! This challenge has made me pull out my white skinnies which for some reason I avoid on myself but love on everyone else. It’s about time we have fun with our style and celebrate ourselves!


Are You Joining Our Style Challenge?Each day we style an outfit based on the calendar below and share it on Instagram. There are so AMAZING SPONSORS for this challenge so you have the chance to win some great prizes!SPONSORS:

You can find this image on my instagram @jenkinal for all the rules and details on how to participate! And Join our Facebook Group to really chat about each day’s challenge with some amazing women in our supportive and fun community.

BeautifullyEmpowered Style Challenge-3

Hope to see you posting on Instagram and joining out fabulous Facebook Group!! I want to see your style!!
xo Jen

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