Making Time For Friends Recap

Friendships are so important to your happiness and something you should always cherish and nurture #friendship #quoteLast month my goal was to make more time for friends. Something that is has been put second far too long. 

Out all my happiness project goals this might be one of my favourites. It is the most heart warming thing to experience when you really pay attention to it. 

It’s definitely not easy to make time and takes a lot of life organization especially when you work from home. I have a tendency of saying ok when work is done I will make time. With this challenge I made sure to be organized enough that I could have the time. 

I really enjoyed seeing my friends so much and felt like such a happier person by doing that. It was the pick me up in my day or week that was so awesome. 

I also feel because I wasn’t so preoccupied with work stuff that I was a better listener and appreciated being there so much more. 

I never asked my friends this but I feel like after this year I am much more at peace and much more enjoyable for them to be around. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is that has changed. Maybe it is just my happiness level is up and that makes people want to be around you more but I definitely feel more like I am a better friend and a more whole balanced friend. That may sound weird but when you have a friend who is scattered or negative those vibes rub off, and being at peace with life it rubs off on those that are around you. 

If you are looking to start a happiness project please make sure to include friendships in your project because they truly are the most inspirational thing to add.

Hope you have a wonderful start to your week!


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