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I have been looking outside and seeing the snow but dreaming about the beginning of summer. The time that I am no longer confined to my winter jacket, boots and sweaters. When I get to have some fun with a fabulous maxi dress, sandals, necklaces that people can actually see without being hidden under a scarf. When I get to enjoy my lake, the green grass and plant flowers.

Tribal Maxi Dress that I LOVE! In my dreaming haze I’ve been doing a lot of online browsing of the summer collections that are beginning to appear online and I stumbled across this GORGEOUS tribal maxi dress on The Closet Confessional and it inspired me to create a whole blog post dedicated to the maxi dress! Unfortunately the dress above is no longer available, so everything I am going to share below is available for you to add to your summer dreaming collection and is under $100!

I live in maxi dresses over the summer for because they are so comfortable but my favourite reason nd the best reason… I am quoting my friend Mandy for this…

“It is one piece of clothing you can throw on and it looks like you tried”

And it is so true! That one dress makes it look like you dressed up for the lunch date. You will get so many compliments on how nice you look and all you had to do was choose one thing to wear.

aztec maxi dressLucky Brand Crochet Tribal Maxi Dress • Lucky Brand • $49.99
This dress is actually $100 regular so this is a steal of a deal! I love the mix of aztec and crochet to create a boho inspired look.


This dress is a little bit sexy for the everyday but I thought it would best worn as a cover up for the beach. Plus the back is pretty beautiful! If you click the link it actually shows you more images of the dress from the front and it is a pretty fabulous cut out dress.

black maxi dress
Laura Racer Back Maxi Dress • Boohoo • $16.00
A black maxi dress is a for sure staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Not only is black totally flattering but you can add anything to this dress. A bright necklace, a belt, any colour cardigan when it gets a little colder. Plus who can say no to a $16 dress? It would be a loss not to add this to your wardrobe.

striped and flower halter maxi dressHurley Simone Tank Maxi Dress • Hurley • $50.00
I really love this maxi dress because it is different from the usual maxi dress. It adds a little unique style with the stripes and floral print mixed together. This will definitely be the dress that people notice, it’s a great brand and again the price tag cannot be beat.

lime green maxi dress
Calvin Klein Tie Dye Striped Maxi Dress • Calvin Klein • $54.99
This is a pretty basic shaped maxi dress but the added angled stripe and bright colour are what makes me love this dress. I think you should always have a black maxi dress and then bring in some additional maxi dresses because they give you more chances to be comfortable while looking fabulous. This dress also comes in black and white in case you aren’t a huge fan of the lime green.

tie dye maxi dress
FELICITY & COCO ‘Effron’ Tie Dye Maxi Dress (Regular & Petite) (Nordstrom Exclusive) • Nordstrom • $46.80
This dress would make an awesome cover up for the beach so I had to include it. The low cut top looks really great with a bikini poking out and it would look great for after the beach wear and cocktails.

tribal maxi dress halter

DAILYLOOK Vibrant Tribal Maxi Dress in neon green M • $17.95
LOVE this dress! It was the closest I could find the the dress above and a bonus perk way cheaper! This is getting low in stock is if you are interested you will need to jump on it ASAP. Plus make sure to click the link because the dress actually has these super cute cut outs that you can’t completely see in this picture.

boho white maxi dress
Kimchi Blue Embroidered Bodice Halter Maxi Dress • Kimchi & Blue • $89.00
Lastly how beautiful is this white boho looking maxi dress?!
This is on the pricer side of my maxi dress post but the detailing in this dress makes this dress truly unique that it is worth the price tag (although it is still pretty affordable).
Hope you enjoyed and are ready for summer as much as I am!
What was your favourite dress?
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