Style Challenge Day 8 – Mix & Match!

Love this stripes and leopard outfit! Looks great paired with the distressed denim skirt and booties

Just because you don’t think it will work doesn’t always mean it won’t. Take the challenge and give it a try. The outcome may be exactly what you need!

I kinda like my blog posts during this style challenge because I feel like I get to share mini motiviational posts that I hope you love to read and start your day off.

Who know’s what the future holds but if you don’t go for it then you will never know. And I mean go for it with all your heart! DO NOT LOOK BACK!! In your moments of doubt you might be thinking it won’t work, but MAYBE IT WILL… What if it does? What if you give it your all and it does amazing! Maybe i’m talking about myself here a bit but I am sure I am not alone. We all go through struggles and moments of doubt. It’s how you handle those moments that counts.


Are You Joining Our Style Challenge?Each day we style an outfit based on the calendar below and share it on Instagram. There are so AMAZING SPONSORS for this challenge so you have the chance to win some great prizes!


You can find this image on my instagram @jenkinal for all the rules and details on how to participate! And Join our Facebook Group to really chat about each day’s challenge with some amazing women in our supportive and fun community.

Style Challenge May

Hope to see you posting on Instagram and joining out fabulous Facebook Group!! I want to see your style!!
xo Jen

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