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enjoy life quoteEvery year everyone makes New Years resolutions to be more fit, to eat healthier and so on and so on. This year my goal is to really take the time to be happy. Stop trying so hard to be a success, stop trying to do bigger and better all the time, trying to be the perfect mom, the best housewife and really start appreciating what I have.

Last year I had some major accomplishments, some major moments in my life that I am extremely proud of. The only problem is I never took the time to even celebrate them. I was so focused on achieving and showing that I could do it that the moment to celebrate that have come and gone. Seems a little silly now to have a celebratory party for myself… although it sure would be pretty fun doing so. I was lucky enough to be given a magazine cover, seriously a magazine cover! That deserves a celebratory glass of champagne! Who gets that opportunity? I did appreciate it but never really celebrated it. I landed one of the biggest events of my career. The way I look at it, little old me with my company of 1 landed the biggest account that I really had no opportunity even getting. The past few years have been AMAZING.

Here’s the catch. I worked so hard, I stayed up so late and my whole life revolved around the next step. The steps I wasn’t focusing on was my family. Lucky for me I have an extremely supportive husband and wonderful kids. I didn’t miss out on it all like I may be implying but I missed out on appreciating what I have. This year is my chance and opportunity to take those steps and love every minute of it. Does this mean taking a step back from my success driven life a little? Yes most definitely. Anyone who thinks they can have it all, do it all and not become completely exhausted is crazy. I know first hand that balancing life, work and family is the hardest challenge to overcome. Realizing what is important and priority before you don’t have it anymore is the goal.

This year I plan to take my life and completely change it up. Just the thought of it has me in a stress ball, but the thought of snuggling with my husband and watching a movie wins. The thought of going on field trips with  my kids definitely wins. And the thought of being free to enjoy the day rather than worrying about my to do list definitely wins. Time is so precious and I want to enjoy all of it. I hope you will follow me in my path to happiness and I hope I inspire you to think about what your happiness is, what your priorities are and what really matters to you. Life is too beautiful to spend it pushing so hard and not celebrating all the little things, accomplishments and sunny days.


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