My Stella and Dot Obsession

Stella and Dot 2015 NecklacesI have always loved jewellery but recently I have gotten way more into it thanks to my Inspired Happiness Project committing me to working on my style and having more fun with it. One company that I have become completely obsessed with is Stella and Dot. I love their style, their ever changing looks, how they showcase their jewellery and how amazing their customer service is. I add customer service in there because recently one of my necklaces broke and without any issues they are sending me a brand new one. How many companies now a days will just send you a brand new item without any inquiries.

This past weekend I had a Stella & Dot Party/Ladies Night. It’s one of my favourite reasons to have a party because not only do I get to have a night with all my girls but I also get to browse through some really beautiful jewels in person. They always look so much prettier in person.

Just for fun I thought I would share with you some of the pieces I ordered! I wanted lots of necklaces that I could wear casually in the summer. Not to fancy but still having some fun styling and feeling empowered.

Stella and Dot Zuni NecklaceZuni Layering Necklace
Absolutely adore this necklace with the semi precious howlite stones. What I love the most is the several ways you can wear it. The howlite stones portion can be shortened or removed entirely. I even got the wanderer necklace shown styled with this necklace.

stella_and_dot_wanderer_necklaceWanderer Necklace
This is the one that is shown above being worn with the Zuni Necklace. It’s even been paired in this image with the same necklace minus the howlite part of the necklace. What I love the most about the wanderer necklace is the colourful stones. It even looks really pretty worn backwards which shows more colour. It’s so pretty!

stella and dot hibiscus necklace is so beautifulHibiscus Necklace
Another one I couldn’t resist was this necklace with the touch of coral. I just loved how it is a bit of a statement but not my normal sparkly one. Another major perk with Stella and Dot Jewellery is they really think about all the possibilities that could be with their jewels. For example this necklace and many of the necklaces i bought have multiple ways to wear them. Short, long, layered, the ability to take a way layers. It is extremely well thought out.

stella_and_dot_bianca_necklaceBianca Necklace
SO BEAUTIFUL! It’s just simple elegance. It has a touch of sparkle and can be worn like shown here as one connected long necklace or wrapped to make a shorter one.

Stella and Dot Azure Tassel NecklaceAzure Tassel Necklace
This one was a surprise to me. Looking at the catalogue I would have never given this a second thought, but in person this necklace is striking. Simple but yet still giving a statement. I can’t wait to wear this one.


Once I get these beautiful items I will have a little fun creating outfits and then sharing them with you!

Have a wonderful thursday and have fun creating your own little Stella and Dot Obsession.



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