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my favourite stella and dot jewellery!

My New Stella & Dot

If you have followed this blog you will know that I am just a little obsessed with Stella & Dot so I of course have to share with you my new Stella & Dot purchases which I have been loving wearing lately. I’ve been using a little Stella & Dot clutch lately but decided it […] Read more…

Little Girls Bedroom Inspiration!

Little Girls Bedroom Inspiration

I’ve been thinking for a while that it’s time to give my daughters room a more cohesive look, a theme of sorts to bring the whole room together. Slowly we have be updating her furniture from had me downs to her own bed, a nice dresser some storage and our recent addition a desk. All […] Read more…

DIY Terrarium Tutorial! I absolutely love these terrariums and how great they look in my house. #DIY #Terrarium #tutorial

DIY Terrarium

One of my favourite projectsย this year has been my DIY Terrarium. It turned out really good and it continues to allow me to enjoy and appreciate it every time I see it. Plus it changes all the time. I am always shocked at how well some of my plants are growing in it, how the […] Read more…

mermaid birthday party inspiration

Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

My little one is turning 6 at the end of September so it is that time again to start brainstorming what I am going to do for her birthday party and the theme. This year sheย is really into mermaids so I thought creating a mermaid themed birthday would be pretty great. There are lots of […] Read more…

I want to give my kids the perfection of a crazy, happy, organized and disorganized home, love, crafts, road trips, snuggle time, ice cream runs and movie nights.

Perfect Role Model

I just want my children to look up to me and say hey, my moms a pretty amazing person. She always dropped what she was working on to hear what I had to say. She made time to do crafts She made time to help me read She made time to make me feel loved, […] Read more…

Workout Wear that makes you want to wear it and go for a walk! #fitness #fashion

Taking A Walk Workout Wear

Since I work from home I also have my kids with me all the time. Usually when I want to get a workout in they like to get in there and do it with me. For yoga they try to do all the moves I do, they do squats or run on the treadmill too. […] Read more…

This weeks fabulous sale items!!

This Week’s Sale Favourites!

Ahh we are late with this weeks fabulous sale finds!! So here it is, just a few of my favourite finds that just so happen to be on sale! Yay! Orchid Leather Jersey Jacket – Reg. $395 – Sale $138 This is one of my favourite styles for this season! It goes with pretty much […] Read more…

Your friendship is a special gift, generously given, happily accepted, deeply appreciated. #friendship #quote #inspire

Am I Crazy?

I have to say that I feel truly and honestly blessed to have the most wonderful friend. I consider myself to be slightly crazy when it comes to all my projects, businesses and activities. I have painted, created jewellery, done sales, wedding and event planning, worked in construction and even to this day I am […] Read more…

don't just a book by it's cover - you never know what lies beneath

Don’t judge a book by its cover

Just remember people only show you what they want you to see. Everyone has their own inner struggle of some sort. It can be family, friends, neighbours, work, stress, illness, the list goes on. Most people mask that with a happy face, a laugh, a joke or by completely pretending it doesn’t exist. Very few […] Read more…

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