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a vacation is the perfect time to remind you to be thankful

Taking Time To Be Thankful

I’ve just got back from a wonderful vacation with the family and it was so nice to get away from the craziness of my life and just enjoy. Enjoy the beauty of warm weather, of my cell phone being turned off, watching my little ones having a great time and staying up late with a […] Read more…

Some great ideas for creating a little curb appeal with your front door decor

Front Door Curb Appeal

Spring is coming closer and closer and I am getting so excited to get out of the house, plant some flowers and get my front door looking all pretty and summery! Every year I brighten up the entrance with flowers but I thought this year I would like to do a little more. Here are […] Read more…


Wednesday Picks! Wholly Handmade

Welcome to my first Wednesday Picks! I really really love supporting awesome businesses and love sharing great finds so I thought this would be a perfect way to share some of my favourite businesses. Ones with fabulous products, ones that inspire or are just really cool! My first share is going to be the new […] Read more…

St. Patrick's Day DIY Ideas

St Patricks Day

With St. Patrick’s Day coming up it’s time to start getting crafty on how your going to have a little fun with it in your home and with your kids! Today I am putting together some of the best St Patricks Day ideas, DIY, decor and gifts. St. Patrick’s Day Free Printable from Lolly Jane […] Read more…

Finding Happiness - Fitness and Health Challenge Update!

The Healthy Fitness Challenge Update

Well it has been a week and a half since I posted about my first challenge which was working out and being healthy about my eating. So here is the honest update on the fitness challenge… I’m really feeling great and proud of myself. I am not everyday committed to working out right now because with all […] Read more…

Summer sandal style - my favourite picks

Fashion Friday – Summer Sandals

If you can tell by my last fashion post about maxi dresses that I am a little excited and obsessed about the coming of summer. I’ve been dreaming about wearing shorts, tank tops, maxi dresses and summer sandals for a while. So this Fashion Friday I thought would be a perfect time to do a […] Read more…

Rules to live by from what feels like a serial entrepreneur

A Post From A Serial Entrepreneur

Sometimes I feel like I’m a serial entrepreneur. I am always coming up with these ideas about what I could do, what I want to try, and how to market it, package it up and sell it. I think my creative spirit can sometimes get the better of me. Could I be a serial entrepreneur? […] Read more…

Skinnytaste banging good shrimp - the best shrimp recipe


So I will admit… I have been a terrible cook for most of my life. My poor husband I feel bad for him. The first time I ever cooked for him I made chicken cordon bleu and he was so excited. He was thinking look at this, she can cook, chicken cordon bleu from scratch… I’m […] Read more…

I'm doing this for me! Inspirational quote to inspire youth be you, feel healthy, happy and fit

My Happiness Journey – Fitness

I’ve decided to tackle fitness first when it comes to my happiness journey and the reason I have done this is I feel like this is a pretty big factor for me when it comes to my happiness. I really want to get back into shape and feel good about myself. Shortly after having my […] Read more…

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