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  • gorgeous sheer dress perfect for wedding season!
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  • plaid and black sweater from marlowe boutique
gorgeous maxi dresses!

Maxi Dress

I have been looking outside and seeing the snow but dreaming about the beginning of summer. The time that I am no longer confined to my winter jacket, boots and sweaters. When I get to have some fun with a fabulous maxi dress, sandals, necklaces that people can actually see without being hidden under a […] Read more…


DIY Valentines Shirts!

I had so much fun creating these DIY Valentines Shirts for my family this past weekend! They turned out super cute and I am so excited for everyone to get theirs on Valentines day. It is taking all my strength to not give them the shirts early so I can just get a photo of […] Read more…

Stella and Dot Palmia Necklace

My Love For Stella and Dot

Back in my younger years I used to make jewellery and wear a lot of jewellery that was all coordinated. Since having little ones i have carefully selected my jewellery to be kid friendly or not worn any at all. Sometimes that happens with kids, you get so busy with them, their activities and just […] Read more…

15 Fun Valentines Ideas

15 Valentines Day Ideas!

In our house we don’t really do a whole lot for Valentines Day, we avoid going out because it is just craziness, flowers are beyond expensive at this time and to be honest all I would prefer to do is just spend a little time with my husband and kids. So this year I’ve decided […] Read more…

inspire quote - you have the brains to decide the direction you want your life to go #happinessjourney #happiness

My Happiness Journey

If you have read my previous post about my happiness then you know that this year my goal is to really focus on what I need to do to change my life around to be more happy. It’s not that I am not happy because I really do love my life and consider myself extremely […] Read more…


Aztec Style

Have you gotten on the aztec fashion trend yet? I feel like I’m behind on that but I still can’t resist the look of it. I keep seeing them all over pinterest but never in stores so I finally took the plunge and ordered a few tops with an aztec styled tops from a super […] Read more…

tackling those checklists

Remember the Goal?

Last week I said I was going to stop procrastinating and start tackling my pile. Well I did just that. Using my new Day Designer (which is amazing by the way, but that’s a post for another day) I made a list each day of the top 3 things that I wanted to complete. Usually […] Read more…

that dress - striped crew neck dress

Favourite Winter Style

I’ve always loved fashion. I was the girl who had nothing to wear even with a full closet. So of course it was time to go shopping and I did! Lots! Fast forward a few years, a marriage and two kids later. The chances of going shopping on a whim is a pretty rare occurrence. […] Read more…

enjoy life quote

My Happiness

Every year everyone makes New Years resolutions to be more fit, to eat healthier and so on and so on. This year my goal is to really take the time to be happy. Stop trying so hard to be a success, stop trying to do bigger and better all the time, trying to be the […] Read more…

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